Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Persian Leaps - Drive Drive Delay

The Persian Leaps - Drive Drive Delay (2014) Land Ski Records
Produced by Neil Weir
Tracks : 1.Fire starter 2.Pretty day 3.Goodbye to South Carolina 4.Truth and consequences 5.Permission
3 out of 5

"Drive drive delay" is the 2nd EP and follow up to "Praise elephants" (2013) from Minnesota based noise pop band The Persian Leaps, featuring Drew Forsberg - Vocals/Guitar, Brad Hendrickson - Bass/Vocals and Michael McCloskey - Drums.
Their music is influenced by bands like The Smiths, My Bloody Valentine and Stone Roses.
The opening track "Fire starter" is not a cover of the Prodigy hit from 1996, it´s an original song by The Persian Leaps that bring thoughts to The Smiths without doubt.
It´s not of the best tracks here, I prefer the 5 minute long "Permission" that grows for each time I listen to it. This song is built on beautiful guitarchords and A Flock of Seagulls-like melodies.
The much shorter "Truth and consequences" is quite catchy, you´ve heard of dream pop but this one goes under dream rock for sure.

House of Heroes - Smoke

House of Heroes - Smoke (2014) Independent
Produced by House of Heroes
Tracks : 1.Bottle rocket 2.The worst kind of gods 3.Wake up screaming 4.A fire only we knew 5.Satisfied 6.Infinite
3,5 out of 5

Former Gotee Records artists House of Heroes has released 5 full length albums and several EP´s where their latest "Smoke" EP is the band´s first independent release since 2003.
I think they have a different sound like a mix of Switchfoot, U2 and Cold Chisel.
They´re definitely rocking, thumbs up for the guitarsolos and all the upbeat songs. Listening to "Smoke" feels like a great start of the day, and not to forget a cup of coffee in your hand.
Best track : "Wake up screaming".

Cassavetes - Oh so long

Cassavetes - Oh so long (2014) Black Numbers Records
Produced by Cassavetes
Tracks : 1.Tied down 2.Follow 3.Extra clear 4.Like ghosts 5.Realize 6.So loud 7.Maribel 8.Oh so long
2,5 out of 5

I hear a bit of both 70´s punk and 90´s grunge in Philadelphia rockers Cassavetes debut album "Oh so long", imagine The Jam meets Nirvana with a touch of the rocknroll of The Refreshments.
The album is a bit uneven but I like their energy, I bet they´re a great live act.
2nd track "Follow" bring thoughts to the first Foo Fighters album which is cool, the 4th track "Like ghosts" is 70´s punk all the way with traces of noiserock.
I clearly hear the Nirvana influences in "Realize", I think Kurt Cobain would´ve liked it.
Fans of Red Hot Chili Peppers will dig the song "Extra clear", did anyone say Californication?
A decent album.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Light Years - Temporary

Light Years - Temporary (2014) Animal Style Records
Produced by Will Yip
Tracks : 1.My whole life 2.Fall apart 3.Temporary 4.Late at night 5.Wandering
2,5 out of 5

The songs on Light Years new EP "Temporary" would do just fine on an American Pie Soundtrack, but I fear the train has already left the station and the guys in Light Years missed it.
I have nothing against new pop punk bands since I´m a big fan of Blink 182 myself but there´s nothing new to discover here, except for "Fall apart" which is catchy song and I like it.
However, these boys from Cleveland sounds more like a tribute to a genre that needs new blood to make the heart keep pumping.
Also available :  "I won´t hold this against you" (2013)

Out Of Hand - The Portrait

Out Of Hand - The Portrait (2014) Independent
Produced by Out Of Hand
Tracks : 1.Darling 2.The Portrait 3.Angels in waiting 4.Stop crying for Evan Handler 5.Blanket monsters
3 out of 5

I thought Sleeping With Sirens 2010 album "With ears to see and eyes to hear" was really good, Brandon McMaster played lead guitar on that record but then left the band and now he has taken a new role as the frontman in Ohio based Out Of Hand.
Fans of the melodic post hardcore sound of Sleeping With Sirens won´t be disappointed to hear Out Of Hand´s debut EP "The Portrait", these 5 songs might not match SWS but they´re still good enough to make it on your Spotify playlist.
Best track : "Angels in waiting".

Heartist - Feeding fiction

Heartist - Feeding fiction (2014) Roadrunner Records
Produced by David Bendeth
Tracks : 1.What kind of world 2.Black cloud 3.Skeletons 4.Pressure point 5.Ignite 6.Unbreakable 7.Legacy 8.Manipulate 9.Ready to change 10.Set me free 11.Demons
3 out of 5

California based 5 piece Heartist worked with producer David Bendeth (Breaking Benjamin, Dark New Day) on their debut full length "Feeding fiction", the follow up to the 2012 EP "Nothing you didn´t deserve".
Heartist deliver a mix of active rock and metal with moments of screamo, for fans of Candlelight Red, Papa Roach and The Used.
The singles stand out here with "Black cloud", "Skeletons" and "Pressure point". A few more songs with that calibre and the 11 track album would´ve been stronger but it´s still a good album.
Why do almost every album in this genre sound the same? I would like to hear a different production from now on. I blame Howard Benson (Hoobastank, P.O.D, Daughtry, Three Days Grace), it´s all his fault.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Sparzanza - Circle

Sparzanza - Circle (2014) Spinefarm Records
Produced by Rikard Löfgren
Tracks : 1.Bradycardia 2.Pine barrens 3.Underneath my skin 4.Breathe 5.Into the unknown 6.The contract 7.Enemy of my enemy 8.As I go away 9.Black 10.Death don´t spare no lives 11.Do what mast thou wilt
3,5 out of 5

I admire bands like Sparzanza that keeps struggling and never give up to make their breakthrough album that will get them a bigger name.
"Circle" is their 7th studio album and one of their heaviest albums so far but also more dynamic, it sounds like they worked very hard to creating strong melodies in each and every song.
This band deserves fame, I like how they blend modern metal with classic hard rock. At times I think "Circle" bring thoughts to Mustasch meets Human Race, it´s really smart to use string sections in some songs. "Into the unknown" for example is epic.
Other highlights are "Pine barrens", "Breathe" and "The contract".

SKAM - Peacemaker

SKAM - Peacemaker (2014) Independent
Produced by Matt Elliss
Tracks : 1.Langundo 2.Make you pay 3.Rivers 4.Holy city 5.Peacemaker 6.The wire 7.Fortune favours the brave 8.The prince 9.Precious stone 10.The zone 11.Let´s get rocked 12.More or less
3 out of 5

SKAM are a trio from Leicester, U.K. They´re influenced by glam rock, NWOBHM and classic hard rock and have already created some buzz in England with their debut album "It´s come to this" from 2011.
The follow up "Peacemaker" is a solid hard rock album for fans of The Wildhearts, Mama´s Boys and New Device. I especially like their love of delivering Budgie-like riffs in a few songs.
My personal fave is "The wire" that sounds like it could be an unreleased Little Angels song.
I´m sure we´re gonna hear more from SKAM, it´s a good band.

It´s museum time with Mike Tramp

Mike Tramp´s new solo album "Museum" was released yesterday, check out the new video of "Trust in yourself" here:

Round 2 for Red Eleven

In 2012-2013 the band RED ELEVEN toured in Finland's rock clubs and gained reputation as a groovy, hard rocking live act. Red Eleven released it’s first album ‘Idiot Factory’ through Secret Entertainment in April 2013. The debut album got very positive feedback from media in Finland, as well as abroad. During the summer of 2013 the band started preparing it’s second album, composing, arranging and rehearsing songs. They hit SN-Audio Productions in November to record 12 new songs with Sami Niittykoski. In March 2014 Red Eleven signed a record deal with German label Lifeforce Records.
The new album "Round II" will be out on Sept 5th.