Friday, February 24, 2017

Review : Lower Than Atlantis - Safe in sound

Lower Than Atlantis - Safe in sound (2017) Easy Life Records
Produced by Dan Lancaster
Tracks : 1.Had enough 2.Dumb 3.Long time coming 4.Boomerang 5.Work for it 6.Could be a worse 7.I would 8.Money 9.I don´t want to be here anymore 10.A night to forget
3 out of 5

The British 4-piece got a fresh new start with their self titled album from 2014, what seemed to be a closure for the band, they instead had a major refill and are definitely safe in sound on their brand new record.
This is a band that sounds inspired and are willing to try new ways, like for example the poppy "Boomerang" and the Police-like "Money".
Although, I´m not too thrilled over the pop direction they have taken in "Boomerang", I prefer the traditional Lower Than Atlantis style in songs like "Dumb" and "A night to forget".
These two tracks are also the highlights on "Safe in sound", but in it´s entirety, it doesn´t reach the same level as "Lower Than Atlantis" from 2014.
I do dig Dan Lancaster´s edgy production.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Review : Ember Falls - Welcome to Ember Falls

Ember Falls - Welcome to Ember Falls (2017) Spinefarm Records
Produced by Jake E.
Tracks : 1.The cost of doing business 2.Falling rain 3.Of letting go 4.The enemy you need 5.Freedom 6.COE 7.Rising tide 8.Open your eyes 9.One more time 10.Shut down with me 11.The lamb lies down in sacrifice
3 out of 5

Time for a dose of Nordic metal from Tammerfors, Finland with the new band Ember Falls and their debut album "Welcome to Ember Falls".
If you think a mix of Gothenburg metal, Finnish melancholy and electronics sounds like your cup of tea, then this album is a must for you.
If In Flames and The Rasmus had a baby, it would be Ember Falls. I also believe that fans of Dead By April will have something to look forward to because there are plenty of poppy choruses on "Welcome to Ember Falls".
You know the formula with clean vocals and growls, this band won´t break any new ground with this album but it´s solid all the way from start to finish.
They have already released 4 singles with "Shut down with me", "COE", "The cost of doing business" and "Rising tide", where "Rising tide" sounds like a metal version of Poets of The Fall.
I also like the opening track "The cost of doing business" with it´s Desmond Child-like chorus but the best track is "One more time", warning! because this song might stick like superglue to your head.

Review : Ashland - Wildfire

Ashland - Wildfire (2017) Independent
Produced by Matt Amelung
Tracks : 1.Lights out 2.For you 3.Something is broken 4.Got love 5.No trouble 6.Turn it up 7.Keep moving 8.Closer 9.No good 10.Why
3,5 out of 5

There are certain things in life that are so easy to like, so easy to embrace and take in. Like for example vacation on the Canary Islands where there´s a summer climate every day - all year long. Or when you come home after work and your dog meet you at the door, acting like you´ve been away for more than a month. That´s true love and affection.
Another thing that is easy to like is the Illinois based duo Ashland´s new album "Wildfire", their follow-up to the 2015 EP "Interim" makes me feel all good inside.
Asia Woodward - Vocals and Aaron Wood - Guitars knows exactly how to make music that trigger the release of endorphines, because these songs on "Wildfire" are just like natural painkillers.
I bet Katy Perry wished she had written "No trouble" but on the other hand, she can still record and release her own version if she wants another big hit.
Feeling all stressed up after a busy day? Then listen to "Got love" and "Why", these songs will do magic for your mind.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Review : Trip To Dover - Fade into gold

Trip To Dover - Fade into gold (2017) Final 500 Records
Produced by Martijn Groeneveld
Tracks : 1.Prologue 2.Boy 3.I´ll be Juliet 4.Fade into gold 5.The birth of a hero 6.Only on the other side 7.Epilogue 8.Boy (backstage version)
3,5 out of 5

With a voice that is made for both pop and rock, Olga Taal is most certainly at home with these songs on "Fade into gold". She and Johannes Taal - Keyboards are from The Netherlands but moved to Brighton, England where they are based at the moment.
Perhaps the dance-rock scene in the U.K will open the door for Trip To Dover if they felt the door was closed back home.
"Fade into gold" is the follow-up to the 2014 EP "Kiss Fight Dance" but it´s the first time I get to hear about this talented duo.
Their music has elements of rock, 80´s synth pop and DJ-style electronics and it´s truly a winning formula when I listen to their new EP featuring the lovely single "I´ll be Juliet" that is one of the highlights along with the catchy "Boy".
For fans of Nero, Carpark North, Smashing Satellites.