Friday, November 21, 2014

Shortcuts : Sleeperstar , BlackTop Mojo , 6:33

Sleeperstar - Lost Machines (2014)
J.R Ewing, NHL icon Mike Modano, guitar legend Stevie Ray Vaughan and Sleeperstar have all one thing in common. Dallas! Except the guys of Sleeperstar ain´t no way near the same fame as the other ones but they should be.
Their impressive debut album "Just another ghost" came out 2010 which was followed by the "Blue eyes" EP last year, now the band has released their 2nd full length album "Lost machines" and it sounds like a greatest hits collection. Absolutely wonderful.
They are influenced by Angels and Airwaves on the brilliant opening track and new single "Apocalypse", the first single "Lost without you" is of course included here as well. A strong pop/rock song with a singalong chorus.
The rest of the album can be described OneRepublic meets Ryan Star with a touch of Third Eye Blind. Just listen to amazing tracks like "Details" or "Restart", I´m in heaven.
And what a luxurious production.
4 out of 5

BlackTop Mojo - I am (2014)
Texas rockers Black Top Mojo deliver a heavy rock album filled with lots of goodies for those who dig a blend of grunge, southern rock and hard rock riffs.
My thoughts go to bands like Black Stone Cherry, Red Line Chemistry and Three Minute Madness.
"I am" is a competent debut album where the melodic "Why" sounds like it should be sent out to active rock radio, some of the heavier tracks even sounds a bit like Kiss grunge album "Carnival of souls". Not my favorite album by Kiss but it works with Black Top Mojo.
A good album to play airguitar to.
3 out of 5

6:33 - Deadly scenes (2015)
What do you get if you get a bunch of Parisians who have listened just a little too much to Devin Townsend and Mike Patton and watched too many Tim Burton movies?
Well, you get 5 masked gentlemen who look like Slipknot but sounds like MoeTar meets Animal Alpha with a touch of T-Ride.
Their 3rd album "Deadly scenes" is totally out of this world, so original but very complex and not to forget - Fonzie cool!
This is the kind of album you have on top of your wishlist but no band has what it takes to pull it off until now, I wonder if I´ve heard the best album of 2015 already now?
If you´re into artsy progressive alternative fusion theatrical rock, prepare yourselves for a ride you´ll never forget. This is proof why music is better than sex.
5 out of 5

Album preview of The Cinema´s new album Talking in your sleep

Leighton Antelman of Lydia and producer Matt Malpass's new project The Cinema, will release their new album "Talking in your sleep" on Dec 15th, here´s an album preview:

No turning back for Brandon Heath

Christian pop artist Brandon Heath´s new album "No turning back" will be out on Feb 10th, listen to the title track here:

Guster release new album Evermotion in January

American alternative rock band Guster will release their 7th album "Evermotion" on Jan 13th, listen to the first single "Simple machine" here:

Jonas and The Massive Attraction release 10th anniversary album

Jonas & The Massive Attraction's special 10th Anniversary album X features 10 tracks, including 7 BRAND NEW songs and 3 reworked fan favs from the band's back catalogue. The new album sees the band return to their rock & roll roots while still maintaining their modern radio friendly edge. X was recorded in Montreal and coproduced by Jonas alongside Julien Jorgensen & Matty McCloskey (Rev Theory). New song Lifeline was written in L.A. by Jonas and Raine Maida (Our Lady Peace). Key tracks include Lifeline, In The Air Tonight, Burn The House Down and Daddy. 
X will be released on Nov 25th.

Talking is hard according to Walk The Moon

Ohio based indie rock band Walk The Moon will release their new album "Talking is hard" on Nov 28th, listen to the new song "Different colors" here:

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Top 20 Epic Rock Songs - No.4

Top 20 Epic Rock Songs - No.4
City Boy - The day the Earth caught fire (1979) Album : The day the Earth caught fire
Lol Mason - Vocals, Steve Broughton - Vocals, Mike Slamer - Guitars, Chris Dunn - Bass, Max Thomas - Keyboards and Roy Ward - Vocals/Drums created one of the greatest albums on this planet together with producer Mutt Lange.
The title track off their 5th album is like a Beethoven symphony in rock form with an epic lyric, this one has everything a great song needs. Like A to Z in how to write a great rock song.
Listen up!
Now we´re down to the Top 3 of my list of epic rock songs and no, you won´t see songs like "Won´t get fooled again" by The Who, "I don´t like Mondays" by The Boomtown Rats, "Xanadu" by Rush, "Under the rose" by Kiss, "Eyes of the world" by Rainbow or anything by The Beatles.
Ohyes, I had some of these in mind but there are others..........

Megaherz box set out tomorrow

Here´s another box set to check out if you like a collected anthology with your favorite bands, Megaherz Geschichte Schreiben complete anthology 1997-2012 will be out tomorrow, including:
1.) Wer Bist Du?! (1997) 2.) Kopfschuss (1998) 3.) Himmelfahrt (2000) 4.) Herzwerk II (2002) 5.) Heuchler (2008) 6.) Loblieder (2 CD-Remix Album 2010) 7.) Götterdämmerung (2012) 8.) Jagdzeit (Single 2011)

The Gloria Story takin´ up arms

The Swedish old school rock band The Gloria Story has released a new single, "Takin´ up arms" is out now with the b-side "Depending on you".
Watch the video here:

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Lifehouse release new single Flight

The hiatus is over for Lifehouse, their new single "Flight" is available now.
A new studio album will be out early 2015.
Good news.