Thursday, March 5, 2015

Meg Myers release first single from upcoming Atlantic Records debut

Nashville based pop/rock artist Meg Myers has signed with Atlantic Records for the release of her forthcoming debut album. Listen to the first single "Sorry" here:

Get into the wild life with Halestorm

Pennsylvania based hard rock band Halestorm will release their 3rd album "Into the wild life" on April 14th, watch the official video "Amen" here:

Feel the heartbeat of Satellite Stories

Satellite Stories are an indie rock band from Finland, their new album "Vagabonds" will be out in March and here´s their new single "Heartbeat".

Dreamers don´t sleep according to Dreamshade

Dreamshade are a modern melodic metal band from Switzerland, their new single "Dreamers don´t sleep" is produced by Jacob Hansen.
Good stuff.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Indie rock band Löwin announce debut EP Royal Jelly

Austin-based indie rock foursome Löwin just released their new single "Gonna Run You" off their debut EP Royal Jelly out April 7th! You can check out the track here:

The New Regime deliver Exhibit B in March

The modern age of music is dictating a new approach to releasing material. Gone are the days of reliance on formal singles and/or albums, and in their place waits a space of creative freedom for artists. Ilan Rubin never fit traditional molds anyway. Despite the energy and enjoyment of playing with artists like Nine Inch Nails, Angels & Airwaves, and Paramore, Rubin felt the urge to do more and was always at work creating his own music, his own sound, his own vision – The New Regime.
The new release "Exhibit B" will be out on March 31st.
Listen to the new songs "We rise, we fall" and "Mannequin" at:

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Alternative rockers Sic Vita release debut video Ad Nauseam

Alternative-rock band SIC VITA unveiled a music video for their single “Ad Nauseam” today! Completed as the band's first official music video, viewers are drawn in with a strong suspense-building storyline, reflective of the music. Open to interpretation, particularly with it's cliff-hanger ending, the video backs an already powerful song while letting viewers add their own imagination and conclusions to the mix.
Taken from their 2013 EP History, “Ad Nauseam” showcases the best of Sic Vita's sound – intricate guitar lines, powerful lyrics and a layered, enchanting sound which brings any song to life.

Death By Toaster unleash 3rd EP No Gravity in their 4 part series

Icelandic/Swedish rockers Death By Toaster release “No Gravity”, the third installment in their four part EP Series. The four EPs include three songs each and will come together, both musically and visually, to form the the band’s first full length album, to be released 1. June 2015.
Purchase or stream the new EP here:

Dividing Eden announce debut EP Here comes the water

Dividing Eden began in the Twin Cities, Minnesota, and in a short amount of time solidified their position as one of the most up and coming bands in the area.
In the spring of 2014, Dividing Eden entered Terrarium studios in North East Minneapolis to start recording on their first EP. With the help of outstanding producer, James “Fluff” Harley, (Prince and New Medicine) their record is set to release in March of 2015. 
Listen to the title track from their debut EP "Here comes the water" at:

A taste of freedom with Lapko

The Finnish rock band Lapko´s new album "Freedom" is available on Spotify, it is produced by David Bottrill.
Watch the official video "Money for nothing" here: