Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Cats In Space announce debut LP Too many gods

They are calling it ‘Power Pop Rock’, and their aim is to unashamedly take you back to the heady days of the 1970s when bands like Queen, ELO, 10cc, Supertramp & Sweet, ruled the airwaves.
Yes, ‘Cats in Space’ are retro, yet they have a sound that has been unheard for many years, in fact probably since those American underground pop masters ‘Jellyfish’. Founding ‘cat’ Greg Hart has recruited a wealth of experience to join him in his musical spaceship destined to land here on Earth as we speak. The debut long player is entitled ‘TOO MANY GODS’, is out in October 2015 and consists of a collection of commercial hit songs all played out and produced in an impeccable manner.

Fourplay : Simple Lies , Kill Ritual , Flaws, Celldweller

Simple Lies - Let it kill (2015) Down the memory lane at Sunset strip
Depending on who you ask, you don´t need much to live a good life. Some prefer to seek the meaning in the bottle, while some likes to work and make a lot of money. Others like me, just want to spend most of the time with the family. If you ask the Italian band Simple Lies, they might just settle for girls and rocknroll. That first Motley Crue album that made them wanna start a band and be just like their idols.
Simple Lies released their debut "No time to waste" in 2012 and this fall, their 2nd album "Let it kill" is unleashed. But to me, they sound like a 2nd division Hardcore Superstar. However, if you´re a fan of bands like Crash Diet, Crazy Lixx and Hardcore Superstar. You might wanna give them a chance.

Kill Ritual - Karma machine (2015) Like another day at the job
Bay Area thrashers Kill Ritual are back with a new singer and a new album, their previous effort "The eyes of Medusa" really took the band to a whole new level with heavier riffs, bigger production and stronger choruses.
So it is with some disappointment I have to admit their 3rd album "Karma machine" don´t reach the same heights as "The eyes of Medusa". The new album is solid, no doubt and their new frontman David Reed Watson (Rage of Angels) is good too. But I prefer the former singer Josh Gibson who left the band before the recordings of "Karma machine".
The band shines in the massive "Rise" and the 7 minute long "Camera´s eye" , they´re good at this but many songs soundalike so it´s hard to be all too excited.
For fans of Anthrax and Savatage.

Flaws - Harsh words through tangled wires (2014) From the ashes of In Case Of Fire
The other day I was listening to the Northern Irish band In Case Of Fire and their much likeable album "Align the planets" from 2009. I knew the band had split up but I had no idea frontman Steve Robinson and drummer Thomas Camblin from In Case Of Fire had started a new band Flaws.
So I was really excited to hear about their first EP "Harsh words through tangled wires" which has traces of their former band but also early era Muse and even Manic Street Preachers.
I definitely want to hear more new music from this band, this is good stuff.

Celldweller - End of an empire Chapter 01-04 (2015) An electronic metal eargasm
Just like the 2012 album "Wish upon a blackstar", Klayton decided to release the new album in chapters to be followed by a LP with all the new songs included on the same record and perhaps some other additions as well.
"End of an empire" is released in 4 chapters, Time, Love, Dreams and Death, including 8 new tracks with vocals, several remixes and instrumental versions of the original songs plus the pieces Faktion 1-10.
"End of an empire" is the 3rd vocal album from Klayton´s Celldweller and a safe buy for fans of his previous albums, so why not make your own compilation with the tracks "End of an empire", "Lost in time", "Down to Earth", "Heart on", "Good l_ck, Yo_´re F_cked", "Just like you", "New elysium" and "Precious one". You won´t regret it.

Kat Perkins new album out now

Minneapolis based rocker Kat Perkins new self titled album is out now, stream the new single "Drive" and other catchy songs like "Marry me" at:

Collective Soul share new track This

"See what you started by continuing" is the upcoming new album from modern rock band Collective Soul, set for a release on Oct 2.
The new single "This" is available for free at their Facebook page or simply stream the track here:

Exilia only want one minute of your time

From the classic fashion city of Milan comes the most exciting female fronted export “EXILIA”.
Exilia Hit the metal charts a few years ago with their debut album 'Unleashed', and it changed people's perception of what it means to be a female metal singer.
A combination of aggressive riffs, hard pounding drums, crisp bass guitars and powerful lyrics and singing style, sent shivers through even the most 'hard to please' audiences.

Exilia´s new album "Purity" drops Sept 25th, the first single "Bliss" and a new track "One minute" is available on iTunes right here:


5 songs you gotta hear

Sevendust - Thank you, from the upcoming album "Kill the flaw", out Oct 2nd.

Fightstar - Animal, from the upcoming reunion album "Behind the devil´s back", out Oct 16th.

The Bunny The Bear - Lover´s touch, from the new album "A liar wrote this", available now.

Arcane Roots - If nothing breaks, nothing moves, from the upcoming EP "Heaven and Earth", out Oct 16th.

Secret Eyes - Oh dear, from the upcoming album "Comatose", out Aug 7th.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

8 Graves unleash new single Lie from Mixtape

NYC based electro pop band 8 Graves are preparing for the release of "Mixtape" on Aug 14, do yourself a favor and check out the new single "Lie" at:

Piston premier new live video for Fade Out

Piston have toured and played shows with Sebastian Bach, The Temperance Movement, Reckless Love, The Union, Tim Ripper Owens, Voodoo Six and appearing at Hard Rock Hell & Planet Rock Stock. Exclusively featured in Classic Rock Magazine and online segments with Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers. Playlisted by Planet Rock, Team Rock, Total Rock & Kerrang! #20 most played on Planet Rock.

Piston are opening up for Nazareth October 17th in Great Yarmouth, and shall be doing doing an exclusive appearance at Birmingham Symphony Hall on August 9th and opening for The Doors Alive on August 30th, Robin 2.  
Piston officially release brand new live track ‘Fade Out’ introducing new vocalist Rob Angelico on August 3rd. 


Puppet Rebellion announce new EP

PUPPET REBELLION's name was written in capitals just now to get your attention. Once they have that attention, they will draw you in further with their uncompromisingly heartfelt lyrics and edgy, in your face contemporary musical arrangements which are meticulously designed to move your body and mind.
Watch the official video "Watch me fall" from their new EP "Life is in your hands" here:

Nashvillie sister quartet SHEL debuts You could be my baby

Named using their first initials – Sarah (violin, guitar, bass), Hannah (piano, keyboard, concertina, accordion), Eva (mandolin, guitar) and Liza (drums, djembe, beatbox) – SHEL are a Nashville based all-sister quartet who will release their debut UK single at the end of July. Produced by Eurythmics co-founder and latter-day writer and producer to the stars Dave Stewart, ‘You Could Be My Baby’ is the first release in a new label partnership deal between his company Dave Stewart Entertainment and Membran.