Thursday, October 2, 2014

Shortcuts : Snack Family , Slasher , Frantic Sunday

Snack Family - Pokie eye (2014)
What do we have here then? A piece of 70´s psychedelic rock mixed with 80´s new wave and even dark folk rock. The London based trio Snack Family´s new EP feels both radical and diverse, this is what you get if Captain Beefheart collaborated with Ian Dury doing interpretations of Nick Cave songs.
Snack Family is Andrew Plummer - Vocals/Guitar, James Allsopp - Saxophone/Keyboards and Tom Greenhalgh - Drums and their debut EP "Belly" was released earlier this year. I can´t say I will go back and listen to it but I welcome bands with an original sound.
Best track : No reason.
2,5 out of 5

Slasher - Katharsis (2014)
Brazilian thrash metal act Slasher worked with Danish producer Tue Madsen (Mnemic, Poisonblack, The Haunted) on their 2nd album "Katharsis". A band heavily influenced by Sepultura, Kreator and Slayer. They sound really tight and shouldn´t make a fool of themselves as support to the Big 4.
The riff of "Jamais me entregar" even smells like Megadeth for miles, I call for a more nuanced album because Slasher hit the max factor like every amplifier goes to 11.
They slow down a bit in the heavier "All covered in blood" which is perfect so you can catch your breath for a moment.
Also available : "Broken faith" EP (2009), "Pray for the dead" (2011).
2,5 out of 5

Frantic Sunday - Frantic Sunday (2014)
Put on your denim jeans, leather jacket and sunglasses and walk down Oxford Street in London on a sunny day this fall with Frantic Sunday´s debut album in your headphones.
Their upbeat indie rock will make you keep up in the London tempo in no time, I hear a lot of various artists when I listen to these 10 tracks.
If you put in the following 4 albums in a jukebox blender and cloned them into one, you´ll get this charming new Swedish band. Bruce Springsteen´s "Born in the U.S.A", Pulp´s "Different class", The Police´s "Outlandos D´amour" and The Vines "Winning days".
I think you get the point of how Frantic Sunday sounds like.
Highlights : "Heart attack", "Anything but love", "Heartbeat and soundsystems".
3,5 out of 5

Shortcuts : Cox , Seneron , Reaction

Cox - Come here alive (2014)
This is a young modern rock band from Moscow, Russia. Cox´s debut "Come here alive" EP can be described as grunge pop where my thoughts go to bands like 3 Doors Down, Takida and Mercury.
We get 4 trendy rock songs that unfortunately has nothing new to offer but instead if you´re a fan of traditional modern rock anno 2001, this band won´t be so misplaced in your digital collection.
I think they´re ok, in fact I´ve heard many worse bands in this genre and I bet 40 year old housewives wouldn´t mind to hear "Come here alive" on radio.
2,5 out of 5

Seneron - Parasites and poets (2014)
Seneron is a heavy rock trio from Ireland, heavily influenced by old-school riff rock. Imagine Queens of The Stone Age meets D.A.D with a touch of Danko Jones and you´ll get their new mini album "Parasites and poets".
I guess this album should do just fine on repeat at a biker´s club, we´re talking no frills rock and roll ladies and gents. Put them as support to AC/DC and their fan club will grow instantly.
Sometimes it´s nice with music that doesn´t make you wanna think, are you ready for a good time? Then Seneron will be your friends for tonight.
3 out of 5

Reaction - Kill the parasite (2013)
The Italian band Reaction´s bandlogo bring thoughts to 80´s heavy metal and that´s exactly what their first album "Kill the parasite" is, the music goes in the same vein as Raven, EF Band and Anvil except for the fact that Reaction sounds more like a 2nd division NWOBHM band.
I like the razorsharp guitars but their singer ain´t exactly their ace, he should do something about his bad accent. If they write more songs in the same quality is "Betray the time", the next album will be better.
2 out of 5

Toronto based The Rabid Whole and their problems

Delivering 21st century, high-energy, electro-alternative rock, The Rabid Whole gives a refreshing take on a familiar sound. Their live act has been described by Lithium Magazine as: "painting great futuristic scenery with an eerie atmosphere... instantly causes the listener to get lost in the music and whisked away on a surreal sci-fi trip."
Their new album "Problems" is available here:

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Shortcuts : The New Age , Que / Sera , Second To Sun

The New Age - Think too much, feel too little (2014)
If you think too much and feel too little, you might get less done. It´s the other way around with Ohio based The New Age, they are impulsive and get lots done. This band tear down the barriers between genres and deliver a musical soup of groove metal, electronica, post hardcore and hip hop.
The result sounds like it could be messy and something like the Roger Rabbit version of metal.
But their new EP works, it works really good too I might add. I especially like the Eddie Van Halen-like hammer-ons. Oh, one more thing. Do you want your music to be mainstream? In that case, there´s nothing here for you........move on.
3,5 out of 5

Que / Sera - Nomad (2014)
"I don´t want to change the world, I´m not looking for a new England", a classic line from Billy Bragg´s 1983 song. Whatever will be will be, Que Sera, Sera. That´s exactly the life motto for New England based progressive post hardcore band Que / Sera.
Their debut album "Nomad" is an easy listening if you find bands like Circa Survive, Artifex Pereo and Saosin interesting.
These 10 tracks are solid all the way through but what I miss is a killer track I want to hear over and over again. Personal faves at the moment are the single "Misguided lights" and "Marionette limbs".
3 out of 5

Second To Sun - Three Fairy Tales (2014)
Unpredictable, adventurous and experimental. If you find those words interesting in music, you should definitely look this way and check out Russian avant-garde metallers Second To Sun.
What if someone found unreleased music by Frank Zappa and then asked Periphery to perform it for a modern version of Grimm´s folklore "Hänsel und Gretel", well here it is. Second To Sun´s new 3 track EP "Three fairy tales".
No vocals, just crazy and impeccable future metal from 3 cool Russians. I really want to look inside their brains to see what´s going on in there.
Best track : "Meränmaa".
4 out of 5

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Animal In Me wants your applause

Bay Area based alternative rock band The Animal In Me has released several covers on iTunes of Taylor Swift, Iggy Azalea and Lady Gaga´s "Applause".

Have Mercy release sophomore album A place of our own

Baltimore based indie rock band Have Mercy will release their new album "A place of our own" on Oct 26th, watch the new video "Howl" here:

Shattered Skies with the end and the rebirth

Shattered Skies are a melodic groove metal band from London, U.K. Their upcoming album "The world we used to know" will be out on Jan 15th. Watch the video "The end and the rebirth" from the upcoming album here:

Motionless In White feat. Maria Brink of In This Moment

Motionless In White´s new album "Reincarnate" is out now, stream the new single "Contempress" feat. Maria Brink (In This Moment) here:

Taped3ck release debut single Hey L.A

Taped3ck’s debut single “Hey LA” is the band’s introduction to the community and it pays appropriate attention to everything that “rock city’s” best sounds include:  offensive licks, gutteral choruses, big, big drums and an unapologetic, warm groove that can only come from recording a rock record the right way.  Brian Virtue (30 Seconds to Mars, Audioslave, Chevelle) brought some magic to the mix. “Hey LA” drops online to digital stores like iTunes and Spotify today. 

Three Days Grace deliver new single I am machine

Three Days Grace´s new single "I am machine" is out today, featuring their new lead singer Matt Walst. Listen here: