Monday, July 28, 2014

Hydra Effect - The Movement

Hydra Effect - The Movement (2014) Independent
Produced by Justin Rimer
Tracks : 1.Bleed 2.Not today 3.Stand up 4.Unbreakable
3 out of 5

Step right into the corporate rock machine and get a dose of numetal and modern hard rock for the active rock chart, "The movement" is the debut EP from Memphis based 5 piece Hydra Effect.
My thoughts go directly to bands like P.O.D, Pillar and Saliva when I listen to these 4 songs. Sometimes I wonder if the band was offered a couple of songs for a WWE soundtrack, check out "Stand up" or "Unbreakable" and you´ll understand what I´m talking about.
Hydra Effect has a bit to go before we can count their music as classic but it´s good, play it loud works for me. Yeah I´m pleased.

Hit me! Fit For Rivals are back

Florida based Fit For Rivals first single 'HIT ME' coming out AUGUST 5TH off their impending 2nd album on Big 3/Sony records!
Their debut album "Steady damage" is out now.
Get a preview of the song here:

Just Jinjer return with first single in five years

South African modern rock band Just Jinjer are back with their first single in 5 years, "Bright light" will be out on Aug 8th. Get a sneak peek here:

Deluka - Bonds

Deluka - Bonds (2014) Vel Records
Produced by Tim Pagnotta
Tracks : 1.Home 2.Dead of night 3.American skies 4.The only ones 5.Blackout
3,5 out of 5

Deluka are a female fronted British electro pop band, now located in Los Angeles. Guitarist Kris Kovacs is the main songwriter and by his right side is the fab Ellie Innocenti that looks like she could be the daughter of Chrissie Hynde.
The band debuted with the album "Broken sleeping patterns" in 2008 and followed up with "You are the night" in 2010, this year Deluka will spread their love for 80´s new wave with the brand new "Bonds" EP featuring the awesome single "Home".
This sounds like a wetdream for fans of Kim Wilde, The Pretenders and Blondie.
The infectious "American skies" is made for the dance floor, lots of hitpotential there.

Andy Bull with a dose of synthpop from down under

Synthpop from down under, here´s Andy Bull with his new album "Sea of approval", released on July 11th.
Check out the new single "Talk too much" here:

The Color Morale release new video of Suicide, stigma

Post hardcore band The Color Morale will release their new album "Hold on pain ends" on Sept 2nd.
Here´s the new video of "Suicide, stigma" from the upcoming album.

What´s going on with Glowin´ Shadow?

Glowin´ Shadow are an alternative rock band from Paris, France. Their new album "Ghosts, fools and fakes" is available now.
Check out the new single "What´s going on" here:

Driver Friendly stand so tall

When Driver Friendly first met in high school in North Houston, Texas their friendship quickly turned from hanging out after school to writing songs in a garage and playing shows around their hometown. As the band gained momentum and a loyal fan base around the area, they took a huge step and moved to Austin, TX- the live music capital of the world- to continue pursuing their dream.
Their brand new album "Unimagined bridges" is out now, check out the video of "Stand so tall" here:

Driver Friendly - Stand So Tall (feat. Dan Campbell) (Official Music Video) from Hopeless Records on Vimeo.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

The never ending story of Alive In Standby

Alive In Standby are a rock band from Detroit, their debut full length "Never ending" will be out on July 29th. Listen to their new single "Not aware" here:

Paper Pilots give you a free ride

In the grandest tradition of pop, Paper Pilots' sound is intently familiar. Sitting somewhere between the worlds of contemporary indie pop and 60's British rock music, Los Angeles arrival Justin David Bocchieri sets forth to revive classic songwriting by way of lush, grandiose arrangements and illustrated by lyrical waxing worthy of dialogue banter between Ringo & Marc Bolan during Born To Boogie.
Listen to their new song "Free ride", from the forthcoming EP here: