Thursday, July 24, 2014

Award winning Kindred release new single Beneath the surface

Kindred, winner of the 2013 ETX Music Awards Christian Artist of the Year, is a new age sound of rock/pop band from East Texas brought together through a natural pull towards one another's styles. Their sound is a blend of lyrical expression and intricate
instrumentation. Kindred is rounded by a commanding and passionate lead singer, inspiring ead guitarist, spirited bass player, talented rhythm guitarist and a superior rhythm section.
Listen to Texas based Kindred´s new single "Beneath the surface" at:

Download two songs for free with Future Talk

The British alternative rock band Future Talk are giving away their two songs "The wanderer" and "Lesson learnt" for free at:

Hey Smallpools, the 80´s called and wanted it´s sound back

Los Angeles based pop/rock band Smallpools posted their new single "Killer whales" at the link, what an adorable upbeat pop song this is.

Shortcuts : Like Thieves , Falling With Glory , Nikki W

Like Thieves - Autumn´s twilight (2014)
They might not be The Butterfly Effect but they´re just as good, former TBE frontman Clint Boge knows what quality means and it means his new band Like Thieves.
I loved their first EP "The wolves at winter´s edge" from 2013 and the 2nd "Autumn´s twilight" EP follows the same route as the debut, progressive modern rock with intelligent songstructures and thoughtful lyrics.
The first single "Brave the day" is a smash but the other 5 tracks hardly disappoint either, this band is just too good to be unsigned. Songs like "Wake from eternal sleep" and "Ghost in the machine" belong on a major label release.
I´m a fan, how about you?
3,5 out of 5

Falling With Glory - Aftermath (2014)
I´m glad to hear bands that likes to think outside the box, bands that will blend different genres like Falling With Glory.
They deliver a mix of pop, rock and metal where my thoughts go to After Midnight Project, Abandon All Ships and Shallow Side.
Their new "Aftermath" EP contains 6 new tracks and an acoustic version of "Restless nights", original version taken from their debut "The cities will fall" EP (2012).
While the new single "Salvation" sounds a bit like Linkin Park, none of the other songs follows the same direction as the single.
The ballad "Who we are" should please fans of 3 Doors Down with a radio ready modern rock chorus, another song that grows for each time I hear it, is "Don´t whisper". A song that Blue October or After Midnight Project could´ve released.
I totally adore the instrumental piece "Aftermath", I bet the band will use it as the opening score when they go on stage. It´s majestic!
The best track is the active rock anthem of "Standing tall", talk about razorsharp metal riffs and a killer chorus. Great band!
3,5 out of 5

Nikki W - Sad generation (2014)
She´s only 16 but sounds like she´s been an artist for at least a decade, Ontario based Nikki W makes mature and modern pop in the same vein as Lights, Metric and Lana Del Rey.
She co-wrote the EP with producer Gavin Brown (Three Days Grace, Hoobastank, Billy Talent) and I must say that "Sad generation" is a very promising start for this talented artist.
There are moments when I think of Tori Amos meets Peter Gabriel like the title track, the only thing I miss on this 6 track EP is perhaps one or two more upbeat tracks.
The first single "Transparent hands" is quite nice, it´s perfect for a long drive in the car.
3 out of 5

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Iggy and The German Kids deliver feel-good pop with Mary Jane

Iggy & The German Kids are proud to present their second single Mary Jane in anticipation of their upcoming full-length release.
With their first single SO HARD they entered the German radio charts. As the only unsigned and independent act in the TOP 100 airplay charts they peaked at # 70.
Iggy and the German Kids hooked up with Echo-nominated director Harris Hodovich, who produced the Brookly-based music video after becoming inspired by the group’s unique story and sound. The video, which follows Mary Jane and a group of close friends as they gallivant through the streets and rooftops of Brooklyn, evokes a common coming-of-age story of summer love and total abandon.
"Mary Jane" will be released on Aug 22nd, check out the video here:

Indie folk duo Turtle and Fox announce new single

Turtle & Fox are an indie folk inspired brother and sister duo nestled snuggly in Melbourne.
Dan Rawlins has been involved in the Melbourne music scene as a drummer & guitarist for several years. A graphic designer by trade, he has recently turned his hand to the craft of a singer, song-writer with the aid of his younger sisters angelic voice (Shireen Rawlins - Fine arts Graduate) and musical accompaniment. This has allowed them to develop a unique, creative multi media collective called Turtle and Fox.
"I´m a sardine" will be released on Sept 1st, listen to the song here:

Aussie trio Rolls Bayce release new single

Introroducing Rolls Bayce, the new outfit led by ex-Hungry Kids of Hungary frontman, singer and guitarist Dean McGrath, drummer James Wright (formerly of Millions) and bassist Neal Apel. After an organic year recording and playing shows, the trio is proud to announce the release of new single 'Don't Get Me Wrong'

House of Heroes post lyric video of Satisfied

Christian rock band House of Heroes will release their new "Smoke" EP on Aug 19th, listen to the first single "Satisfied" here:

Brother and sister duo Angus and Julia Stone release new album

The Aussie based singer/songwriter duo Angus and Julia Stone will release their self titled new album on Aug 1st, including the singles "A heartbreak" and "Heart beats slow".

Frostlit release new single Chained

The Finnish / Swedish rock band Frostlit feat members of Entwine and Machinae Supremacy, has released their new single "Chained" on iTunes.
Listen here: