Monday, September 15, 2014

Dead Dark Slide - I am dead

Dead Dark Slide - I am dead (2014) Dead Games Records
Produced by Dead Dark Slide
Tracks : 1.The seas are black 2.Just die 3.Your blood runs red 4.Summer never ends 5.Watching you bleed
1,5 out of 5

Dead Dark Slide sounds like if someone had invented deathmetal in the late 60´s, everything is distorted and my thoughts go to Marilyn Manson with the Gremlins celebrating a black christmas.
If you like musical chaos, the album "I am dead" is pretty much what you need.
I can imagine this is how a bad trip feels like, I never had one because I´m not into drugs but this is truly a bad trip.
Oh my.

Let It Happen with debut album Cause + Effect out now

The debut album "Cause + Effect" from Ohio based pop/rock band Let It Happen, is available now.
Stream the album here:
Or listen to the new single "Losing something" here:

For King And Country release new album tomorrow

For King And Country are a christian pop/rock band from Sydney, Australia, now located in Nashville, USA. Their new album "Run wild, live free, love strong" will be out tomorrow.
Listen to the first single "Without you" here:

for King & Country – Without You [feat. Courtney]

Like Monroe present Things we think but never speak

Texas based alternative metal band Like Monroe will release their debut album "Things we think but never speak" on Oct 14th, listen to the first single "The enemy" below.
They have a new single out called "The hills" on iTunes.

New single Let´s never leave this bed with Self Deception out now

Swedish modern rock band Self Deception´s new single "Let´s never leave this bed" is out on iTunes and Spotify.
Check it out here:

Self Deception – Let's Never Leave This Bed

Epic rock time! Welcome Famous For A Century

Epic rock band Famous For A Century from Washington, DC, are giving away their latest EP "Say what you mean" for free here:

A Is For Atom with a song for you

A Is For Atom is a melodic alternative band founded by Mike Cykoski in early 2012 based in Brooklyn, New York. After an exploratory journey involving sideman gigs, relocations, and music school, New York transplant Mike Cykoski has shaken off his past and found his future, resurfacing in Brooklyn with a two-EP solo bow of literate, conceptual, thoughtful and playfully-orchestrated modern rock. Ironically Mike’s decision to leave the hired-gun musician hustle came when he netted an audition with pop-rocker Gavin DeGraw.“That was the trigger on the path to becoming a solo artist,” Mike reveals. “I was in his apartment and he played many songs on the piano; they were all so good and he impressed me. It was right before he flew to LA to do the showcase that got him a record deal.”
Listen to his "Song for you" EP here:

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Stream Avenue of the Giants debut EP

Atlanta based modern rock band Avenue of the Giants debut EP "Just between us" is out now, you can stream the entire EP here:

Set It Off release new single Why worry

Pop/rock band Set It Off will release their new album "Duality" on Oct 14th, check out their new single "Why worry" here:

Diamond Days have come a long way

U.K based pop punk band Diamond Days have announced they will release their new "We´ve come a long way" EP on Nov 17th.
Listen to "Home" from the EP at: