Sunday, February 7, 2016

Review : AudioDamn! - EP

AudioDamn! - EP (2016) Epic Records
Produced by Ali Grumeth
Tracks : 1.Brief microsleep 2.Radar 3.Lights out 4.Give it up
3 out of 5

AudioDamn! is a new hot band to keep on your radar this year, this trio is from Austria but relocated to the U.S after signing with Epic Records in 2014.
Originally calling the band Amsterdamn, the first appetizer before the full length album is a self titled EP with the catchy single "Radar", but the 4th track "Give it up" is better.
I think it´s a groovy EP with soulful vocals from Oliver Wimmer and a well done job in the production from guitarist Ali Grumeth.
The bandmembers listen to everything from hip hop, jazz, folk to punk but the result is more of a soul rock affair that should do well on the charts, it´s a good thing that the guitar is high in the mix.
Highlights : Radar, Give it up
Recommended if you like Maroon 5, Gavin DeGraw, Keywest

Efpix Evil Sides album details revealed

Russian Industrial Metal band Efpix will release their new album «Evil Sides» on the label Sliptrick Records in late February/early March.
01 – The Bells of Destiny
02 – It’s Time To Die
03 – God Is Our Entity
04 – Forget Me
05 – Evil Sides
06 – Revenge
07 – Don’t Try To Escape
08 – Space Invaders
09 – The Slave of Satan
10 – Above My Mind 
Listen to a snippet of Don´t Try To Escape.

Abandon All Ships premiere new single Loafting

Canadian electro / pop / metalcore act Abandon All Ships has released a new single on iTunes, check out the video of Loafting here.

Hit the pause with Safety Suit

Nashville based pop / rock band Safety Suit´s new single Pause is out on iTunes, listen here.

Palaye Royale living the dream with their fashion art-rock

The fashion-art rock band Palaye Royale consisting of Remington Leith, Sebastian Danzig, Emerson Barrett has been named champions of MTV's "Musical March Madness" 2014. They are the first unsigned act ever to compete in and win this fan-voted tournament. 
Check out Palaye Royale´s new single Don´t Feel Quite Right here.

Seraphim announces new EP Tabula Rasa

Seraphim is a modern metal band from Michigan, USA. Their new EP Tabula Rasa drops March 4th, listen to the band´s cover of In The Night by The Weeknd.

MODOC with new album Automatic + Voluntary out now

American indie rockers Modoc´s new album Automatic + Voluntary is available now, check out the new single Black Eyed Lover here.

Drawing North release Fire Eyes from debut album El Dorado

Australian alternative pop band Drawing North premiere new single Fire Eyes, from their forthcoming debut album El Dorado.