Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Electro pop band Monogem release self titled EP in January 2015

Fronted by singer/songwriter Jen Hirsh, MONOGEM is a collaboration with producer/songwriter, Scott Smith-together, the duo takes us on an intoxicatingly refined journey through delicate vocals, dizzying harmonies and dance ready synths.
The highly anticipated self-titled MONOGEM EP is due in January 2015, their cover of Miguel´s "Simple things" is available as free download here:

Safety first from Jasia

Jasia is a 23 year old producer who was born in Jamaica, raised in the US and then moved to Australia at the age of 18. Having studied violin, guitar and voice classically while playing in variations of rock bands the style/genre henceforth is one of contrastingly minimal/maximal beat driven, melodic soundscape production utilising a range of electronic/synthesised, acoustic and traditional band instrumentation present in the forms of popular song and instrumental/experimental works accompanied with a visual interpretation by the artist.
First single Inverbatim is followed by “Safety”, a single utilising a contrastingly bass-heavy/ambient variation of traditional rock instrumentation and synthesisers over a cyclical vocal motif leading into a pseudo-electronic arena rock finale.
Listen here:

Faith and Fury find inspiration in ancient Greek mythology on new single Lotus eater

A cold winter ago Fiona Renshaw made a collaborative musical discovery that crystallized all her previous, instinctive motivation to make music. It was that moment of musical alchemy every singer hopes for, the pure bloodletting when everything you have been working towards begins to make coherent and concise sense; when you are ready to give over everything to the power of sound in exactly the way you hear it. When magic happens, and you perhaps cannot explain it because the power of that feeling is expressed by a keyboard hook, string passage, vocal lick or killer chorus. This was her moment of Faith and Fury.
Watch her new video "Lotus eater" here:

9Electric says goodbye

9ELECTRIC color their hard rock with cutting edge electronic influences, blending arena power with digital mayhem for a sonic assault that pulses neon and exudes energy. 
Their new "Control" EP is available on iTunes, watch the new video "Goodbye" here:

Noel Gallagher´s High Flying Birds release b-side of new single

"Chasing yesterday", the new album from Noel Gallagher´s High Flying Birds, will be released on March 2. Listen to the new song "Do the damage" here:

Sixx A.M release official video Stars

Sixx A.M´s new album "Modern vintage" is out now, the band has released a new video of "Stars".
Great stuff!

Jourdan Myers and her Wanderlust video

Minneapolis based indie pop artist Jourdan Myers has released a video "Wanderlust" from her latest album "Ruin me with love", check it out here:

Deleter release new EP Zweite Komposition in December

Deleter is a Minneapolis post-punk attack team comprised of vocalist/guitarist Knol Tate (Askeleton, Killsadie), bassist/vocalist Travis Collins (Spirit Of 76, We Are The Willows), drummer/percussionist Josh McKay (Farewell Continental, Small Towns Burn A Little Slower) and guitarist Jordan Morantez (Blue Green, The King & The Thief).

    Formed in 2012, Deleter quickly managed to refine their sound to a bold, loud, yet dynamic and never over produced sonic force. Tate's lyrics comprised of poetry with classic lyricism create a voice with a unique perspective. Having long lists of clear influences like garage rock, post punk, hardcore punk, psychedelic rock, as well as less obvious influences like 60's biker, surf and spy movie soundtracks; Deleter blends genres sometimes calling to mind music as diverse as Wire, The Fall, Davie Allen, The Ventures, The Ex, Born Against and Psychedelic Furs. No matter the inspiration or the influence, Deleter has been able to create their own sound in the short time they've been together. Fierce, catchy, noisy, and reflective; Deleter never sounds disorderly, it's sincere and purposely crafted.

    With a slew of self-released singles in early 2013 that came to be known collectively as the "A/B Series" and later  in the the year the "56789" EP, Deleter's newest endeavors, two new EPs; Komposition and Zweite Komposition are scheduled to be released this fall. In addition to supporting the new releases, Deleter is embracing their newest member Morantez, who is taking over guitar duties for Zach Roth.
Their new EP "Zeite Komposition" will be out Dec 19th, listen to the new song "Secret seas" here: