Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Leh-Lo - Zig-Zag

Leh-Lo - Zig-Zag (2007) Independent
Produced by Leh-Lo
Tracks : 1.Zig-zag 2.Something missing 3.Just like you 4.All alone 5.An apology 6.days 7.2 out of 3 8.Rocket science 9.The numbers 10.Get by 11.Responsible
3,5 out of 5

In Sweden, we have the artist Laleh but she has nothing in common with the Canadian artist Leh-Lo. They´re not related or go hand in hand soundwise, you could say Leh-Lo makes music that is rather rare these days with a huge potion of soul, 70´s pop and even new wave. Imagine a soup of Paul Carrack, Sting, Sad Cafe and Supergrass and you´ll get this album called "Zig-zag". The music is kinda quirky but also cool and very far from being monotone, I put on a big smile when certain moments reminds of The Police and the next second Leh-Lo take you to Prince´s musical neighborhood. I believe this is the only release from this Toronto based singer.

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