Monday, April 23, 2012

Telescreen - The solar sea

Telescreen - The solar sea (2007) Tragic Hero Records
Produced by Telescreen
Tracks : 1.1913 2.Individual 3.True 4.EM 328 5.The solar sea 6.Soft spoken 7.Rumours
3 out of 5

I have quite a few albums that hasn´t been reviewed at or that I feel doesn´t get the press they deserve out there, like for example the short lived band Telescreen that featured members from Classic Case and Codeseven. Their only release "The solar sea" is a 7 track EP of laid back and experimental progressive rock, not that far from Dredg and Circa Survive soundwise. It´s a moving and atmospheric album that takes a few spins to get into, Telescreen didn´t create any buzz in the music business and therefor, they parted ways right after "The solar sea" came out. But I like it.

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