Thursday, May 31, 2012

Rick Wakeman - In the nick of time

Rick Wakeman and The New English Rock Ensemble - In the nick of time, Live in 2003 (2012) Gonzo MultiMedia Records
Produced by Rick Wakeman
Tracks : 1.Catherine Parr / Beware your enemies 2.Out there 3.No eartly connection 4.Dance of a thousand lights 5.The cathedral in the sky 6.White rock 7.Wurm
3 out of 5

The new live album "In the nick of time" from Rick Wakeman was recorded in the U.K on the "Out there" tour in 2003, but it´s available on CD for the first time in 2012. Rick Wakeman´s band aka The New English Rock Ensemble, features Ashley Holt - Vocals, Tony Fernandez - Drums, Ant Glynne - Guitar and Lee Pomeroy - Bass. Singer Ashley Holt auditioned for Deep Purple back in 1968 but joined Warhorse in 1970 and has appeared on many of Wakeman´s albums, Tony Fernandez has played with Wakeman for more than 28 years and then we have 2 new members with guitarist Ant Glynne who has played with Asia and Mike Oldfield plus bassist Lee Pomeroy who is known as the Oracle, simply because he remembers everything. The tracks on this live album are taken from Rick´s solo albums "The six wives of Henry VIII" (1973), "White rock" (1977), "Return to the centre of the earth" (1999) and "Out there" (2003) plus the Yes song "Wurm" which is originally from "The Yes Album" (1971). Highlights are "Dance of a thousand lights" and "Catherine Parr", truly majestic symphonic rock at it´s best. But Ashley´s musical-like voice gets on my nerves on the vocal based tracks and I can only enjoy the instrumental pieces to max.

For Today - Immortal

For Today - Immortal (2012) Razor and Tie Records
Produced by Will Putney
Tracks : 1.The king 2.Fearless 3.Stand defiant 4.Immortal 5.The call 6.Foundation 7.Open eyes 8.Under god 9.Set apart 10.The only name 11.My confession
3 out of 5

Iowa´s pride of the christian metalcore scene is without doubt For Today, the band formed in 2005 and has released 4 albums including their new album "Immortal" which is their first on Razor and Tie Records. They sound really hungry and inspired on these new songs, just listen to the powerful "Stand defiant" or the massive "Foundation" that features a huge chorus. My favorite is the new single "Fearless" where I love the lyrics "We are the fearless ones, we will not be afraid". It´s cool to see the guest performances from Sonny Sandoval (P.O.D) on "The only name", Tommy Green (Sleeping Giant) on "Under god" and Jake Luhrs (August Burns Red) on "Set apart". My tip for the next single is "The only name" where the chorus will stick to your head like superglue. Even though metalcore isn´t a genre I usually listen to, I do think this album has it´s moments so thumbs up!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Charlie Played Cello - Red

Charlie Played Cello - Red (2012) New Deal Entertainment
Produced by Davey Meshell / David Bianco / Nino Moschello
Tracks : 1.Memories collide 2.Tired of playing games 3.Run away with me 4.Drifting apart 5.Light me on fire it´s midnight
3,5 out of 5

Los Angeles based Charlie Played Cello inked a deal with New Deal Entertainment, a label associated with the legendary Holland-Dozier-Holland songwriting team and Brian Holland composed two songs for the band. I think they´ve got a cool sound with traces of classic rock and new wave but in a power pop suit. My thoughts go to The Cars, Weezer and Tom Petty while listening to their debut EP "Red". I really like Chris Wiebe´s voice which suits these songs just fine, in some moments his melodies reminds of Elvis Costello. Songs like "Tired of playing games" and "Run away with me" can be described as feel-good music.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Howling Dollhouse - Howling Dollhouse

Howling Dollhouse - Howling Dollhouse (2012) Independent
Produced by David Carr
Tracks : 1.Private hell 2.This is who you are 3.All the pieces 4.Panorama 5.Secrets to the grave 6.Fidelity 7.Wish I was 8.World on fire 9.Note to self 10.My kind 11.Dark and hungry gods 12.The break 13.Part 2
3,5 out of 5

Howling Dollhouse is a real strange name for a band but on the other hand, it doesn´t really matter as long as the band has some sort of quality to deliver and these Aussie rockers truly are awesome. I am especially fond of their mix of 80´s rock and modern rock, they sound somewhere between Southern Sons and Masonia and I do welcome the variety of the songs from more straight ahead rockers to anthemic stadium rock and radio ready pop/rock. Songs like "Private hell", "Panorama", "Secrets to the grave" and "Dark and hungry gods" will fit in just perfect on any mixtape with your favorite bands from down under. I would like to thank my friend Philippe in France for recommending me this great band.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

One Without - Numbers

One Without - Numbers (2012) Independent
Produced by Joonas Niskanen / Kenny Boufadene
Tracks : 1.The lies 2.Systematic suffering 3.Numbers 4.Involuntary suicide
3 out of 5

The Swedish modern metal band will give you the first taste of their forthcoming album with the 4 track EP "Numbers" which will only be released digitally. They are giving away one song every week at starting today with the first track, I really like their 2 previous albums "Thoughts of a secluded mind" (2009) and "Sweet relief" (2011) and I´m pleased to say their new EP won´t disappoint either even if it´s a bit heavier than their previous albums. Expect more growls on these 4 new songs but also clean vocals, the title track "Numbers" stand out and I´m damned if not the band sound even tighter on this new EP. Perhaps the touring with Dead By April and Evergrey has helped a bit?

Lykaion - Nothin´ but death

Lykaion - Nothin´ but death (2012) Bakerteam Records
Produced by Lykaion / Stefano Morabito
Tracks : 1.Nothin but death 2.A cold summer day 3.Free from all your fears 4.Empty 5.The dance 6.Fuck you (I love myself) 7.Passion kills 8.Sick love 9.Together 10.Dimenticherai
3 out of 5

Lykaion is a mountain in Greece where the altar of Zeus is located and it´s also a metal band from Rome, Italy. They debuted with the "The things I´ve left" EP in 2006 and followed up with the "Swallowed by the sea" EP in 2010. This year, they signed with Bakerteam Records for the release of their debut full length "Nothin´ but death" which can be described as a blend of heavy metal, thrash, hard rock and gothic. The band is influenced by Katatonia, Poisonblack, Sentenced and Nevermore. I think it´s a good album with a powerful sound, that definitely will appeal to fans of both classic metal and modern metal. The band deliver a fine mix of aggressive and melodic hard rock/metal and they truly deserve to be a support act on a bigger tour this year.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Europe - Bag of bones

Europe - Bag of bones (2012) Sony Music
Produced by Kevin Shirley
Tracks : 1.Riches to rags 2.Not supposed to sing the blues 3.Firebox 4.Bag of bones 5.Requiem 6.My woman my friend 7.Demon head 8.Drink and a smile 9.Doghouse 10.Mercy you Mercy me 11.Bring it all home
2,5 out of 5

In an interview recently, Joey Tempest said -Europe will never make another 80´s record again and when I listen to their new album "Bag of bones", I do believe every word of it. This is as far from the 80´s you can get with a bluesy 70´s rock oriented sound in the same vein as Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple and Mountain. John Norum must have the time of his life with all these riffs all over the place, and I do welcome riffs but without strong melodies they fall down hard. Their new album lack of memorable songs, the single "Not supposed to sing the blues" sounds like a cousin to their old song "Yesterday´s news" and the slow "Bring it all home" is just boring. I think the heavy rocker "Firebox" is the best track here, it might fit into a best of compilation with Europe but none of the other tracks will. I´m afraid "Bag of bones" is just a shadow compared to their previous monster album "Last look at Eden".

Friday, May 25, 2012

Boheme - Follow the freedom

Boheme - Follow the freedom (2012) Independent
Produced by Boheme / Don Boyette
Tracks : 1.Follow the freedom 2.Even the mistakes 3.Everything sunshine 4.Blind spot 5.Done done done 6.Undertow 7.Pot of gold 8.A girl like that 9.Sensitive people 10.Thank you for breaking my heart
3 out of 5

The former lead singer of Antigone Rising, Cassidy is now a solo artist known as Boheme. Her debut album "Follow the freedom" is co-produced by Don Boyette, a top session bassist for Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie. Soundwise, this is quite different compared to her former band Antigone Rising. Cassidy is influenced by R&B and soul but has added some pop flavor into the mix and the result is very enjoyable. I thought at first that the songs weren´t strong enough but they grow, and I must say that she can carry the songs all by herself with her amazing voice. She has truly played and toured with some of the best such as The Rolling Stones, Aerosmith and Dave Matthews. And one day in the studio, Steve Perry showed up and it ended with Perry doing background vocals on the title track "Follow the freedom". Unbelievable! That song is also one of the highlights along with the new single "Blind spot", I like the groove in this one. "Done, done, done" is another contender with hitpotential, nice chorus. But let me get back to Steve Perry´s performance which could´ve been higher in the mix, however I feel his magical voice with the na na na ending that bring thoughts to Journey´s hit "Lovin, touchin, squeezin". For fans of Lisa Stansfield, Natalie Imbruglia, Adele.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

David Myhr - Soundshine

David Myhr - Soundshine (2012) Lojinx Records
Produced by David Myhr / Andreas Dahlbäck
Tracks : 1.Never mine 2.Looking for a life 3.Got you where he wanted 4.I love the feeling 5.Get it right 6.Cut to the chase 7.Dont say no 8.Loveblind 9.The one 10.Wanderlust 11.Icy tracks 12.Ride along
3,5 out of 5

I´m a sucker for feel-good music such as David Myhr´s solo album "Soundshine", we´re talking 70´s pop here where I get the feeling David Myhr´s musical heroes are Jellyfish and Ben Folds. This album is well produced and the major part of the songs are sunny and very catchy, you also get a dose of 60´s Motown in the upbeat "Wanderlust" and some harmonies bring thoughts to Salem Al Fakir which is really cool. Just listen to "Get it right" that sounds like an unreleased Salem Al Fakir song. The opening track "Never mine" is a must for fans of Jellyfish while the bright sounding "Got you where he wanted" takes the best of Fountains of Wayne and Wings. Don´t be square, get a hold of a copy of this wonderful album.

Sleepy Turtles - Summer, Hither

Sleepy Turtles - Summer, Hither (2012) Autumn + Colour Records
Produced by Todd Richard Stevens
Tracks : 1.Summer, Hither 2.Morning song 3.Natures hymn 4.Reason to hope 5.Being small
3 out of 5

Atlanta based 5 piece band Sleepy Turtles formed when they created music to a novel, their sound is a mix of roots, folk and indie pop. Imagine Neil Young meets The Beach Boys with a touch of Mumford and Sons. Definitely also for fans of City and Colour and Field Music. Their new EP "Summer, Hither" is quite laid back with beautiful songs like the new single "Natures hymn" and the title track "Summer, Hither". I also enjoy the colourful "Morning song" but don´t fancy track 4 or 5 that much. There is a dreamlike atmosphere over these songs, I can absolutely understand that their songs would suit as a soundtrack for a novel. Solid stuff!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Richard Marx - Inside my head

Richard Marx - Inside my head (2012) Frontiers Records
Produced by Richard Marx
Tracks : 1.Had enough 2.Wouldn´t let me love you 3.Like heaven 4.On the inside 5.Through my veins 6.Always on your mind 7.Loved 8.Come running 9.All over me 10.Scars 11.Done to me 12.Over my head 13.Part of me
3 out of 5

Richard Marx is turning 50 next year and he most certainly has had an amazing solo career with more than 30 million albums sold and he was the first male artist to have his first 7 hit singles to reach the top 5 on Billboard´s singles chart. In 2006, he was asked to join Ringo Starr´s All Starr Band on the North American tour and he also wrote a song for Ringo Starr´s solo album in 2010. In June, this year, there will be 2 new releases from Richard Marx. The live CD/DVD "A night out with friends" and the new studio album "Inside my head" which is a double disc with one disc of his 12 greatest hits and one disc of 4 new tracks and new recordings of selected tracks from his latest US only releases "Emotional remains" (2008), "Sundown" (2008) and "Duo"  (2011).
Plus Richard Marx´s own versions of songs co-written with other artists like Daughtry and Lifehouse. I was surprised to hear Richard Marx rocking as much as he do on the new tracks "All over me" and "Scars", great stuff. The other 2 new tracks "Wouldn´t let me love you" and "Like heaven" are typical Richard Marx ballads, pretty much what you expect from the ballad songsmith himself. It´s cool to hear him do his own version of "Had enough" that is co-written with Jason Wade of Lifehouse, the song was also recorded by Lifehouse on their "Smoke and mirrors" album. I also like his version of "On the inside" a lot, the song is co-written with Daughtry and Chad Kroeger and can also be found on Daughtry´s "Leave this town" album. A safe buy indeed!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Circus Maximus - Nine

Circus Maximus - Nine (2012) Frontiers Records
Produced by Circus Maximus
Tracks : 1.Forging 2.Architect of fortune 3.Namaste 4.Game of life 5.Reach within 6.I am 7.Used 8.The one 9.Burn after reading 10.Last goodbye
4,5 out of 5

Nine is the number of many important and big things such as the planets in our solar system, all studio albums from Led Zeppelin, it also closes a decade to start a new one and not to forget the new album from Norwegian prog masters Circus Maximus. It has taken the band more than 5 years to follow up the excellent "Isolate" but it is truly worth the wait because "Nine" will fulfill every expectation you might have. A brilliant production, impressive vocal performance from Michael Eriksen, amazing musicianship from guitarist Mats Haugen and the band as well as first class songs. I am a huge fan of songbased progrock where the melody is the centre of the song and this band knows this for a fact. Bravo! The first single "Reach within" flirts with Carpark North and I find this so exciting, the lengthy "Architect of fortune" is a new classic from the band but close your eyes to the closing track "Last goodbye" where you will find yourself cloudwalking at the end of the song. Mega-fantastic!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Jorn - Bring heavy rock to the land

Jorn - Bring heavy rock to the land (2012) Frontiers Records
Produced by Jorn Lande
Tracks : 1.My road 2.Bring heavy rock to the land 3.A thousand cuts 4.Ride like the wind 5.Chains around you 6.The world I see 7.Time to be king 8.Ride to the guns 9.Black morning 10.I came to rock
2,5 out of 5

The powerhouse voice of Jorn Lande is always a joy to hear, he´s got the lungs of a grizzly bear and he´s also a hard working man in the music business with more than 30 albums done with bands like Masterplan, Millenium, Ark, Vagabond and as a solo artist. "Bring heavy rock to the land" is Jorn´s 7th studio album and the follow up to his cover album "Dio" (2010), I really like the album title which is a fine example of Jorn´s humour but soundwise, I´m afraid the new album doesn´t match his normal standard. Jorn can´t rely on his strong voice all alone, he needs strong material to sing and I have a hard time seeing these songs included in a setlist from Jorn in a few years from now. Except the title track, that one is pretty good and his cover of the Christopher Cross classic "Ride like the wind" is really nice but I prefer Saxon´s version from 1988.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Midnight Hour - Midnight Hour

Midnight Hour - Midnight Hour (2012) Independent
Produced by Midnight Hour
Tracks : 1.Modern love 2.How easy I fall apart 3.Hostage 4.Can´t get away from you 5.Bad feeling 6.Jealous girl 7.When love collides 8.Aftermath 9.Running away 10.This is where it ends
3 out of 5

California based pop/rock act Midnight Hour recently released their self titled debut album, they´re obviously influenced by 80´s new wave but also more modern sounding pop like The Killers and OneRepublic. This album is filled with radio ready choruses, dance beats and atmospheric guitars. I reported a while back about their first single "Modern love" which opens the album and it sets the level straight away of what to expect of the rest of the album. Quite remarkable is that the best songs comes at the end with tracks like "When love collides", "Aftermath" and "Running away" but the 3rd track "Hostage" is also a real goodie. Infectious is the word here, perhaps not the most revolutionairy band but they do it good.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Misser - Every day I tell myself I´m going to be a better person

Misser - Every day I tell myself I´m going to be a better person (2012) Rise Records
Produced by Misser / Gary Cioffi
Tracks : 1.Permanently 2.Time capsules 3.Bridges 4.Weightless 5.Just say I 6.I´m really starting to hope the world ends in 2012 7.Reconnect this 8.Stay asleep 9.Bad news 10.She didn´t turn out to be that cool 11.I´m sick 12.Sanity 13.The waits
3,5 out of 5

Misser is a duo featuring Tim Landers of Transit and Brad Wiseman of This Time Next Year, if you´re familiar to these bands you know we´re talking indie rock oriented pop punk here. But you can also add a touch of emo into the mix on their debut album "Every day I tell myself I´m going to be a better person". It´s the follow up to the 3 track EP "Problems, problems, problems" from 2011. The major part of this debut full length is upbeat and I really like their noisy rock that bring thoughts to British rock but also American bands like Taking Back Sunday and The Send. But what a great album this is, with lots of catchy songs where my personal faves are "Weightless", "Just say I" and the single "I´m really starting to hope the world ends in 2012". Highly recommendable!

Shadows Fall - Fire from the sky

Shadows Fall - Fire from the sky (2012) Razor and Tie Records
Produced by Adam Dutkiewicz
Tracks : 1.The unknown 2.Divide and conquer 3.Weight of the world 4.Nothing remains 5.Fire from the sky 6.Save your soul 7.Blind faith 8.Lost within 9.Walk the edge 10.The wasteland
3,5 out of 5

Massachusetts based Shadows Fall has been around since the mid 90´s with the 2002 album "The art of balance" as the most successful one so far, reaching #15 on the Billboard Top 200. This spring, the band released their 7th studio album and they don´t hold back with machine gun riffs and a sound of powerplant energy. They let it all burst out into an armada of thrash metal and melodic choruses, imagine a mix of early Metallica, Killswitch Engage and In Flames and you´ll get the idea. This is a really strong album and personally I do think it´s their strongest effort so far, just listen to great stuff like "Weight of the world" or the single "The unknown". Not to mention the ubercool "Divide and conquer" or the closing track "The wasteland" that feels like an unstoppable runaway train.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Amanda Mair - Amanda Mair

Amanda Mair - Amanda Mair (2012) Labrador Records
Produced by Philip Ekström
Tracks : 1.Said and done 2.Doubt 3.House 4.Sense 5.Skinnarviksberget 6.Before 7.It´s gonna be long 8.What do you want 9.You´ve been here before 10.Leaving early
3 out of 5

17 year old Amanda Mair from Sweden is a very talented singer/songwriter, her debut album has already started to create a buzz in the music industry where some has predicted her to be the next big export after Robyn and Lykke Li. We´re talking dreamlike pop here in the same vein as Kate Bush but also real close to the 80´s band Berlin and even T´Pau. I do love the fluffy production and the first half of the album is much stronger with memorable songs like "Said and done", "Doubt", "House" and "Sense". You can watch Amanda Mair in concert at the Peace and Love Festival in Sweden this summer. This is a nice album!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Athel - Open your eyes to society

Athel - Open your eyes to society (2012) Mortal Music
Produced by Athel
Tracks : 1.Radio, 2.These are the times 3.All that I am 4.Kara´s carousel 5.Paranormal abstract of everyday life 6.Their shoes 7.Wake up sleepyhead 8.Me, myself and I 9.Oceans 10.Heavy things 11.Keep me awake
3,5 out of 5

Athel is a power rock trio from Chicago, the band caught the attention of SOiL bassist Tim King and he signed them to his co-owned label Mortal Music. The band features Justin King - Vocals/Guitars, Comron Fouladi - Bass and Christian Navarro - Drums. They have released 2 EP´s before this debut full length that truly rocks hard, I love their mix of pop punk, straight ahead rocknroll and metal. The album contains plenty of catchy choruses and edgy riffs, imagine 40 Ft Ringo hanging out with Foo Fighters in Art of Dying´s backyard where Lit is in charge of the barbecue. No doubt, this is a strong album where I can point out several highlights but my faves are "Radio", "Kara´s carousel" and "Wake up sleepyhead". Play it loud!

The Reticent - Le Temps De Detruit Tout

The Reticent - Le Temps De Detruit Tout (2012) Heaven and Hell Records
Produced by Chris Hathcock
Tracks : 1.Nihil 2.In pursuit of redemption 3.Mutually assured destruction 4.Enemy 5.Lie to me 6.Silence 7.Le Tenia 8.Patience 9.Nihil ex Nihilo 10.With folded arms 11.Losing my religion
2 out of 5

"Le Temps De Detruit Tout" is the follow up to the 2008 album "Amor Mortem Mei Erit" from progressive band The Reticent, led by Chris Hatchcock. They´re influenced by bands like Opeth, Tool and Katatonia but doesn´t sound as much as their influences. The music is pretty dark at times and it´s a lengthy album with a running time of 1 hour where "Enemy" stand out as a really great piece, too bad The Reticent doesn´t reach the same heights on the rest of the album except for the nice cover of R.E.M´s "Losing my religion". The band sounds tight and they´ve got a few cool ideas but the low budget production drag my overall impression down. However, The Reticent is a band with potential.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Dee Snider - Dee Does Broadway

Dee Snider - Dee Does Broadway (2012) Razor and Tie Records
Produced by Bob Kulick and Brett Chassen
Tracks : 1.Cabaret (Cabaret) 2.The ballad of Sweeney Todd (Sweeney Todd) 3.Big spender (Sweet Charity) 4.Mack the knife (The Threepenny Opera) 5.Whatever Lola wants (Damn Yankees) 6.Music of the night (Phantom of the opera) 7.The joint is jumpin´ (Aint misbehavin) 8.Luck be a lady tonight (Guys and Dolls) 9.I get a kick out of you (Anything goes) 10.There is nothing like a Dame (South Pacific) 11.Razzle dazzle (Chicago) 12.Tonight somewhere (West Side Story)
4 out of 5

Dee Snider is an entertainer, no doubt. He´s up there in the same league as David Lee Roth, Ted Nugent and Robbie Williams. What I like about Dee is that he´s willing to do the unexpected like his new album "Dee Does Broadway" where he is kicking the ass right out of these Broadway classics. He chose not to record any songs from rock oriented musicals like Rocky Horror Show, Grease, Hair etc. He is truly giving new life to theatrical pieces like "Cabaret", "The ballad of Sweeney Todd", "Mack the knife" and "Luck be a lady tonight". The charismatic Twisted Sister frontman released his first solo album "Dont let the bastards wear you down" in 2000 but this new album totally knocks the shit out of that one, and Dee is not only releasing a new album this May but also the Autobiography "Shut up and give me the mic" which probably is a cool read. I think it´s really awesome to hear Dee doing duets with Clay Aiken, Cyndi Lauper and Patti Lupone but the real highlight is "Music of the night" where he is putting on a fantastic vocal performance. This is in fact the best work I´ve heard from Dee Snider since Twisted Sister´s blockbuster record "Stay hungry" (1984).

Monday, May 7, 2012

Dierks Bentley - Home

Dierks Bentley - Home (2012) Capitol Records
Produced by Brett Beavers / Luke Wooten
Tracks : 1.Am I the only one 2.Gonna die young 3.Tip it on back 4.Home 5.Diamonds make babies 6.In my head 7.Breathe you in 8.The woods 9.When you gonna come around 10.5-1-5-0 11.Heart of a lonely girl 12.Thinking of you
3,5 out of 5

I´m not normally the average country listener, but good music is good music and I really dig Dierks Bentley´s new album "Home". We´re talking heartfelt lyrics and contemporary country rock here from the CMT Music award winner with 9 no.1 hit singles in his belt. If you want to make it big in the states, go for country music and make sure you got some good songs in your catalogue. Just look at Garth Brooks who has sold more than 120 million albums, Dierks might not be there yet but he´s slowly getting there with "Home" as his 6th album on Capitol Records. The groovy "Tip it on back" bring thoughts to Blake Shelton, while the ballad "Home" should make Jon Bon Jovi full of envy why he didn´t write it on their country rock album "Lost highway". The track "Gonna die young" sounds like a given hit to me and the opener "Am I the only one" is already a no.1 hit in USA. Respect!

Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Golden Sounds - The fireflies were right

The Golden Sounds - The fireflies were right (2012) Meteor Sky Records
Produced by Todd Evans
Tracks : 1.Dont close your eyes 2.All the dreamers died 3.We´re not alone 4.My deceiver 5.Are we gonna shine 6.Half ass dreams 7.Run to the sea 8.Fireflies 9.Lovers and dreamers
3 out of 5

Todd Evans, formerly of Atticus Fault, released his first record as The Golden Sounds in 2004 and is already counting to 5 releases up to 2012. Including the new album "The fireflies were right", which is the first album since "Lo-fi sounds for a Hi-fi heart" in 2007. The music from The Golden Sounds hasn´t got much in common with Atticus Fault, except for the track "Half ass dreams" on this new album that is more upbeat and has the same atmosphere as Todd Evans former band. Otherwise, the songs are quite slow and can be described as spacey indie rock. It takes a few spins to get into the album but the songs truly grow, I have started to like "Are we gonna shine" and "Lovers and dreamers" very much. Real beautiful. His voice sounds almost fragile, it´s a cool record anyhow.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Vaudeville - Vendetta

Vaudeville - Vendetta (2012) Pacific Underground Recordings
Produced by Wally J
Tracks : 1.Tainted passerby 2.Vendetta 3.Treason 4.Hide away 5.Restless souls 6.In the mouth of madness 7.Attack 8.Symphony 9.The messenger 10.A bitter prophecy 11.White light
4,5 out of 5

Prepare yourselves for a killer album to be released on June 5th from Minneapolis based Vaudeville, "Vendetta" is their 2nd album and it´s masterfully produced by Wally J (Crash Anthem, Skywynd). This is what you could call smart crafted music, 11 songs of modern rock euphoria for fans of Our Lady Peace, Switchfoot and Ours. The band features Christopher Gummeson - Vocals/Keyboards, Christopher Schara - Guitars, A.J Sugar - Guitars, Tim Kosel - Bass and John Olsen - Drums. They deliver a smorgasbord of brilliant and epic rock, not that far from 30 Seconds To Mars but not as electronic. Songs like "Treason", "Hide away" and "Tainted passerby" have forever made a place in my heart. I´m amazed!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Daytrader - Twelve years

Daytrader - Twelve years (2012) Rise Records
Produced by Mike Sapone
Tracks : 1.Dead friends 2.If you need it 3.Firebreather 4.Skin and bones 5.Lost between the coasts 6.After-image 7.Struggle with me 8.Silver graves 9.Heard it in a song 10.Letter to a former lover
3 out of 5

Daytrader debuted with the "Last days of Rome" EP in 2011 and they have been compared to bands like Saves The Day, Further Seems Forever and Jimmy Eat World. We´re talking emo oriented alternative rock here, with very passionate vocals and energetic rock that sometimes reminds a bit of Manic Street Preachers meets The Offspring. Daytrader features ex.members of Crime in stereo, Latterman and Divider. Their debut full length "Twelve years" is solid from start to finish, I welcome their upbeat guitar driven rock that will do just fine on stage. The best tracks are "After-image", "Dead friends" and the single "Firebreather". It´s a real nice album cover too.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Working Class Dogs - A tribute to Rick Springfield

Working Class Dogs - A tribute to Rick Springfield (2012) MelodicRock Records
Produced by Various artists
Tracks : 1.Waltham - Light of love 2.American Anthem - Jessie´s girl 3.Handsome Devil - Love somebody 4.Gary Schutt - Carry me away 5.Falling Grace - I get excited 6.The Meddling Kids - I´ve done everything for you 7.Tom Cinefro and Rick Springfield Band - Kristina 8.Eric Martin  - Souls 9.Hardway / Thom Griffin - Stranger 10.James Christian / Jeff Silverman - Right planet Wrong world 11.7th Heaven - Affair of the heart 12.Newman -Human touch 13.Brand new machine - Calling all girls 14.Keith LuBrant - Rock of life 15.Paul Sidoti - What kind of fool am I? 16.Mitch Malloy - Tear it all down 17.Barely Pink - Dont talk to strangers 18.Fig - Wasted 19.Clay Howard - Beautiful you 20.Endway - Living in oz
4 out of 5

This tribute to Rick Springfield was meant to be released on Fastlane Records several years ago but it never came out and thanks to Andrew McNeice at MelodicRock Records, this entertaining tribute finally sees the light of day in 2012. A few new tracks has been added compared to the Fastlane version and I really agree with Rick Springfield who dig these new raw versions, they have the same energy as Rick Springfield playing them live. The major part of this hit catalogue is taken from Springfield´s 80´s era with the exception of 2 covers off his 2004 album "Shock, anger, denial, acceptance". And I´m not sure the versions from Fig and Clay Howard fit in with the rest, it would´ve been more appropriate to pick a song from "Tao", but a cool thing is that the Sahara Snow album is represented with Thom Griffin´s "Stranger". I think it´s cool that James Christian does the more odd "Right planet Wrong world" that is featured on the demo collection "From the vaults". Great version! We get safe covers from Mitch Malloy, Newman and Eric Martin. But the real highlights are the ones from Waltham, American Anthem, Gary Schutt, 7th Heaven and Tom Cinefro who is backed up by Rick Springfield´s Band! Ok, then, so does this means MelodicRock Records will release the long awaited Cheap Trick tribute "Tricked out" on Fastlane Records as well?