Thursday, May 24, 2012

David Myhr - Soundshine

David Myhr - Soundshine (2012) Lojinx Records
Produced by David Myhr / Andreas Dahlb├Ąck
Tracks : 1.Never mine 2.Looking for a life 3.Got you where he wanted 4.I love the feeling 5.Get it right 6.Cut to the chase 7.Dont say no 8.Loveblind 9.The one 10.Wanderlust 11.Icy tracks 12.Ride along
3,5 out of 5

I´m a sucker for feel-good music such as David Myhr´s solo album "Soundshine", we´re talking 70´s pop here where I get the feeling David Myhr´s musical heroes are Jellyfish and Ben Folds. This album is well produced and the major part of the songs are sunny and very catchy, you also get a dose of 60´s Motown in the upbeat "Wanderlust" and some harmonies bring thoughts to Salem Al Fakir which is really cool. Just listen to "Get it right" that sounds like an unreleased Salem Al Fakir song. The opening track "Never mine" is a must for fans of Jellyfish while the bright sounding "Got you where he wanted" takes the best of Fountains of Wayne and Wings. Don´t be square, get a hold of a copy of this wonderful album.

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