Friday, May 18, 2012

Jorn - Bring heavy rock to the land

Jorn - Bring heavy rock to the land (2012) Frontiers Records
Produced by Jorn Lande
Tracks : 1.My road 2.Bring heavy rock to the land 3.A thousand cuts 4.Ride like the wind 5.Chains around you 6.The world I see 7.Time to be king 8.Ride to the guns 9.Black morning 10.I came to rock
2,5 out of 5

The powerhouse voice of Jorn Lande is always a joy to hear, he´s got the lungs of a grizzly bear and he´s also a hard working man in the music business with more than 30 albums done with bands like Masterplan, Millenium, Ark, Vagabond and as a solo artist. "Bring heavy rock to the land" is Jorn´s 7th studio album and the follow up to his cover album "Dio" (2010), I really like the album title which is a fine example of Jorn´s humour but soundwise, I´m afraid the new album doesn´t match his normal standard. Jorn can´t rely on his strong voice all alone, he needs strong material to sing and I have a hard time seeing these songs included in a setlist from Jorn in a few years from now. Except the title track, that one is pretty good and his cover of the Christopher Cross classic "Ride like the wind" is really nice but I prefer Saxon´s version from 1988.

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