Monday, June 25, 2012

Everyone Dies In Utah - +//- Polarities

Everyone Dies In Utah - +//- Polarities (2012) Tragic Hero Records
Produced by David Ludlow
Tracks : 1.Factor X 2.The view from here 3.You´re now manually breathing 4.A glowing core through the glass floor 5.Welcome to the ward 6.Synthia where´s R2 7.Desoto 55 8.Party at the moon tower 9.Simply me 2 10.Polarities
3,5 out of 5

I must confess that I haven´t heard Texas based Everyones Dies In Utah´s debut album "Seeing clearly" fom 2011 so this is actually the first time I listen to this post hardcore band. Their new album +//- Polarities, explore the transitions between positive and negative points of view, how the human heart may exist both in darkness and light. The production is crystal clear and heavy, the songstructures are rich of nuances and the band manage to keep a beautiful aura in the songs even through the most aggressive parts. This is a mighty fine post hardcore album and I am especially impressed by songs like "Synthia where´s R2", "Factor X" and "A glowing core through the glass floor". Highly recommendable!

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