Friday, June 22, 2012

Holding Mercury - Love in the information age

Holding Mercury - Love in the information age (2012) Independent
Produced by Holding Mercury
Tracks : 1.I wait for no one 2.My very own personal hell 3.Cancerous 4.Love in the information age 5.Best of times 6.Take a long hard look at yourself 7.Say something 8.Out tonight
4 out of 5

Now this is classy stuff! I would like to thank my friend in France, Philippe for the awesome tip of Holding Mercury´s new album "Love in the information age". I was a fan of their debut album "Downfall of an empire" from 2008 so I was excited to hear their new album. I love, truly love, their blend of new wave and 90´s rock in a modern rock suit. And the new songs impress me, you get strong modern rock in tracks like "Cancerous" and "Best of times" and irresistable new wave a la The Cars in the title track. What a great song. But the The Police-like "My very own personal hell" is outstanding, I just don´t get tired of this song. Another superb song perfect for your mixtape is the opener "I wait for no one", brilliant folks!

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