Sunday, June 3, 2012

Jeff Larson - The world over

Jeff Larson - The world over (2012) Red Bell Recordings
Produced by Jeff Larson / Hank Linderman
Tracks : 1.Your way back home 2.Approaching midnight 3.Midhaven getaway 4.Monday clouds Tuesday rain 5.One good lie 6.This morning in Amsterdam 7.Set it fall 8.Point of rising 9.In time 10.Reason to be near you
3 out of 5

If you´re a sucker for westcoast music such as Steely Dan, Poco and America, then you should definitely check out Jeff Larson´s new album "The world over". This is well performed soft rock in the same school as The Eagles and the other bands mentioned above. Jeff has managed to gather some of the best in this genre to guest perform on his album like Gerry Beckley and Dewey Bunnell of the band America, Jeddrah Schmit, the daughter of The Eagles bassist Timothy B.Schmit and Jeffrey Foskett of Brian Wilson Band. I knew the song "This morning in Amsterdam" from before, the song was featured on the 2010 compilation "I like it better here, Music from Home". It´s one of the highlights along with the beautiful "Midhaven getaway" and the classy "Your way back home". The new album "The world over" is the first set of new songs since "Left of a dream" from 2008 and it´s worth the wait for the fans, Jeff Larson does not disappoint.

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