Sunday, June 3, 2012

John 5 - God told me to

John 5 - God told me to (2012) Ninetone Records
Produced by John 5 / Bob Marlette
Tracks : 1.Welcome to violence 2.Beat it 3.Ashland bump 4.Killafornia 5.The castle 6.The hill of the seven jackals 7.Noche acosador 8.The lust killer 9.The lie you live 10.Creepy crawler
3 out of 5

Guitar hero John 5 got famous through artists like David Lee Roth and Marilyn Manson and he´s currently in Rob Zombie´s Band. He has released 6 solo albums and co-wrote one song on Paul Stanley´s 2006 album "Live to win", plus we mustn´t forget the unreleased modern rock album Loser from 2006 but you might find a leaked copy on the net. His new album "God told me to" is half acoustic and half electric, we get to hear anything from industrial metal to flamenco and a cool cover of Michael Jackson´s "Beat it". The riffs in "Killafornia" are excellent and I love the groove in "Ashland bump", the opener "Welcome to violence" sounds like something Rammstein could´ve recorded but the metal piece "The hill of seven jackals" feels a bit like a home recording. The laid back "The lie you live" bring thoughts to Joe Satriani and it´s also my fave on the album. A good album indeed.

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