Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Make - Trephine

Make - Trephine (2012) Devouter Records
Produced by Make
Tracks : 1.Ancient tongues 2.After the dust settles 3.Returning to the ruins of my birthplace 4.And time came undone 5.Valhalla 6.Surrounded by silent lies 7.Rotting palace 8.Scorched sky 9.Into the falling grey
2 out of 5

North Carolina based doom metal trio Make features Scott Endres - Vocals/Guitar, Spencer Lee - Bass and Matt Stevenson - Drums. This band has started to get a lot of press lately so the hype is on, I think they´ve got a cool sound like a mix of stoner rock, 60´s psychedelia and doom metal where bands like Trouble, Kyuss and The Doors comes to mind. They blend long instrumental pieces with dark metal, dominated by growls but also tend to brighten up their sound once in a while with open chords and delay effects on the guitar melodies. This album is way too uneven but a track like "Surrounded by silent lies" sure do gets my blood pumping.

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