Friday, June 22, 2012

Million Dollar Reload - A sinner´s saint

Million Dollar Reload - A Sinner´s Saint (2012) Frontiers Records
Produced by Million Dollar Reload
Tracks : 1.Fight the system 2.Bullets in the sky 3.Blow me away 4.Can´t tie me down 5.Broken 6.I am the rapture 7.Wicked 8.Smoke N Mirrors 9.Headrush 10.Pretty people 11.It ain´t over
3 out of 5

Million Dollar Reload is a fine hard rock band from Northern Ireland, formed in 2005 and released their debut album "Anthems of a degeneration" in 2008. This year, their follow up "A sinner´s saint" is unleashed and it´s a solid party time rocknroll album influenced by AC DC, Aerosmith and Guns N Roses. This band live by the motto "There are only two kinds of music, ROCK and ROLL!".
The first single "Bullets in the sky" is typical for the whole album and you can watch the video on youtube, my next contender for the next single is the more melodic "Broken" which is really nice. The band sounds like Buckcherry meets Hardcore Superstar but with more AOR-ish choruses, my favorite tracks are "Blow me away", "I am the rapture" and "Smoke N Mirrors". I bet they´re a great live band.

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