Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Neo Geo - Neo Geo

Neo Geo - Neo Geo (2011) Hardline Entertainment
Produced by Cameron Webb
Tracks : 1.Touch me 2.Lies and butterflies 3.Cant catch me 4.Sex robot 5.Leave me behind 6.DT Killer 7.Tonight 8.The metro 9.THS 10.My coma 11.Masquerade
3 out of 5

California based electro rock band Neo Geo took their name from the 90´s Japanese home video game, the band is fronted by the amazing singer Rainy Terrell and she is truly the highlight of this band. Their sound is influenced by bands like Paramore, No Doubt and Evanescence but I would like to describe their music as a mix between The Sounds and Fireflight. We´re talking synth driven new wave rock here with a touch of modern guitar rock, a heavy rocker like "Cant catch me" has more in common with Fireflight but the opener "Touch me" or why not "DT killer" could´ve been unreleased The Sounds songs. This is a solid album worthy checking out if you´re a fan of female fronted rock.

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