Saturday, June 30, 2012

P.O.D - Murdered love

P.O.D - Murdered love (2012) Razor and Tie Records
Produced by Howard Benson
Tracks : 1.Eyez 2.Murdered love 3.Higher 4.Lost in forever 5.West coast rock steady 6.Beautiful 7.Babylon the murder 8.On fire 9.Bad boy 10.Panic and run 11.I am
4 out of 5

San Diego rockers P.O.D has returned to their roots on their 8th studio album "Murdered love", the sound on the new album is more groovy and raw. After the 2008 album "When angels and serpents dance", the band took a lengthy hiatus and they sure do sound hungry on these 11 new tracks that are produced by Howard Benson who also produced 3 of the band´s biggest records.
The first single "Lost in forever" spends 4 weeks on #1 christian rock radio and it is still climbing on active rock radio, this song is only one of several strong tracks on this explosive rock affair. The fans got an early taste of the album with the free download of "Eyez" but it´s hardly one of the best tracks, I like the song but I prefer to rock out to "Higher" that is given on active rock radio. Or why not the slow "Beautiful" which is one of the best tracks from P.O.D in their career, the title track "Murdered love" kicks ass and reminds a bit of Rage Against The Machine but what about the knockout rocker "On fire", phew! This one will wake up any sleeping crowd on their upcoming tour.
The punkish "Panic and run" is really cool and I also dig the tropico rock of "Babylon the murder", go and get this one when it comes out. The band sounds reborn!

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