Friday, June 29, 2012

Producers - Made in Basing street

Producers - Made in Basing street (2012) The Last Label
Produced by Chris Braide, Lol Creme, Ash Soan, Stephen Lipson, Trevor Horn
Tracks : 1.Freeway 2.Waiting for the right time 3.Your life 4.Man on the moon 5.Every single night in Jamaica 6.Stay Elaine 7.Barking up the right time 8.Garden of flowers 9.Watching you out there 10.You and I
4,5 out of 5

Oh, I have been waiting for this album for a long time now, and this summer, it´s finally out! I just love the concept of a super producers group of 4 of the greatest producers from U.K, together they have scored over 200 hit singles and albums. Producers are Trevor Horn - Bass/Vocals (Buggles, Yes), the best British producer since George Martin. Then we have Lol Creme - Guitar (10cc, Godley and Creme), Ash Soan - Drums (Del Amitri, Squeeze) and Stephen Lipson - Guitar.
They have also invited a few friends on the album such as Geoff Downes - Keyboards (Asia), Chris Braide - Lead Vocals and Ryan Malloy - Lead Vocals. Trevor Horn is singing lead vocals on 3 tracks, Ryan on 2 tracks and Chris on the remaining 5. I must say that every expectation I had on this album has been fulfilled because the songwriting and the musicianship is just stellar, completely marvelous.
The music bring thoughts to Toy Matinee, Mike and The Mechanix and 10cc. If you dig the first single "Freeway" that was released a few years ago, you´re gonna love the entire album. Songs like "Every single night in Jamaica", "Garden of flowers" and "Man on the moon" are musical diamonds.

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