Friday, June 15, 2012

Restless Streets - In, and of myself

Restless Streets - In, and of myself (2012) InVogue Records
Produced by Landon Tewers
Tracks : 1.The concealer 2.I just want you home 3.Dr.Doctor 4.At the ballet
3 out of 5

Restless Streets is a 6 piece progressive post hardcore band out of Albany, NY. Their new EP "In, and of myself" came out this week and when I saw the title "Dr.Doctor" I thought it might be a cover of the UFO classic but it´s not. It would´ve been cool though. They´re label mates with Before Their Eyes, Famous Last Words and That´s Outrageous etc. You can expect downtuned riffs, samples, loops, aggressive as well as clean vocals and a wall of keyboards from this band and yes, I do like it. The track "I just want you home" has one foot in pop punk territories while the other 3 tracks are more or less modern hardcore. Well, they sound a bit Swedish too. Good stuff though.

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