Thursday, June 21, 2012

Wigelius - Reinventions

Wigelius - Reinventions (2012) Frontiers Records
Produced by Daniel Flores
Tracks : 1.Angeline 2.Talking about love 3.Do you really know 4.Next to me 5.My Cassandra 6.Piece of the action 7.Too young to fall in love 8.Right here Right now 9.Love can be that much 10.Hold on to love 11.There is no me without you 12.I reach out
3 out of 5

There is a new wave of AOR artists coming from Sweden such as Eclipse, Houston, Work of Art, H.E.A.T and now you can add Wigelius to that list. A young band built around singer Anders Wigelius who appeared on the Swedish TV show True talent last year where he sang Journey´s "Don´t stop believin". The debut album "Reinventions" is a solid Scandi AOR affair that will please fans of AOR without doubt, who can resist a pink and fluffy song like "Talking about love" and the Toto-esque "Too young to fall in love". The acoustic ballad "Love can be that much" reminds a bit of Mr.Big´s hit "To be with you", the music is very traditional and there are no surpises along the way so the cliche´s are lined up like an army parade but just like I said. It´s good.

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