Monday, July 2, 2012

3 Pill Morning - Black tie love affair

3 Pill Morning - Black tie love affair (2012) A2z Entertainment / Page 2 Music
Produced by Jon King
Tracks : 1.Rain 2.Skin 3.Nothing´s real 4.Loser 5.I want that for you 6.So good to leave 7.Take control 8.Revolution 9.Daddy´s little girl 10.Drive by lies
3 out of 5

Minneapolis based 3 Pill Morning makes music for active rock radio, it´s so predictable and just as original as a Big Mac burger on McDonalds but don´t misunderstand me, they are also really good at writing catchy choruses and the production sounds classy. If you´re into this genre, you might as well get a new favorite record with "Black tie love affair" because there are no bad tracks in sight either. It´s just that, you´ve heard it so many times before and I don´t get that excited over these traditional 3 minute verse-chorus-verse-chorus songs. You can compare it to a new Mission Impossible movie, you know what you´re gonna get, a big budget movie with some nice action scenes but also nothing new under the sun.

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