Thursday, July 12, 2012

The After Party - Kansas

The After Party - Kansas (2012) Independent
Produced by The After Party
Tracks : 1.Waste the day 2.A better me 3.She´s gotta boyfriend 4.Still got love 5.Here comes the rain 6.Unforgettable nights
3 out of 5

Pop/rock act The After Party has named their 3rd EP after their homestate, this band is slowly creating a name for themselves by touring real hard and building up a loyal fan base. They have supported bands like Secondhand Serenade and Boyce Avenue, their infectious songs are handmade for radio where the first single of the new EP "Waste the day" has true hitpotential. But there´s more of those catchy and addictive pop/rock choruses on this 6 track EP, just listen to the upbeat "She´s gotta boyfriend" that would do just fine on a One Direction album or the modern rocker "Still got love" that shows a more mature band. Songs like "Unforgettable nights" and "A better me" will please fans of Allstar Weekend no doubt. Sunny and bright pop indeed.

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