Monday, July 30, 2012

Close To Home - Momentum

Close To Home - Momentum (2012) Artery Recordings / Razor and Tie
Produced by Andrew Wade
Tracks : 1.Make it count 2.Don´t waste your breath 3.Pirates belong at sea 4.Hanging onto nothing 5.Family ties 6.Backstabbers need not apply 7.Sleepless in Cincinatti 8.Young and stupid 9.Fake it til you make it 10.Modern warfare 11.Nights like tonight
3,5 out of 5

This album is just great, melodic post hardcore with layers of keyboards and pop punk choruses with huge hooks. Close To Home released their debut "Never back down" last year but their singer left the band to work fulltime as a fire fighter so the band had to look for a replacement and they found Andrew DeNeef the week before they headed into the studio to record the new album.
If someone asks me if I ever get to tired to listen to or talk music, my answer NEVER! I just wrote 2 new songs with the guitarist and my bandpal in Blue Cow Kent, only to visit my daughter to hear about the Kid Down show who by they way, are her friends as well. And between this, I had Close To Home in my mp3 player during the walk. I live, eat, sleep and breath music.
All for the chance of hearing new great albums like Close To Home´s "Momentum", they´ve got enough energy to light up the entire autobahn in Germany. Just listen to "Don´t waste your breath" or "Pirates belong at sea", what a great way to start the album!
Buy or die!

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