Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Erik Norlander - The Galactic Collective

Erik Norlander - The Galactic Collective Definitive edition (2012) Gonzo MultiMedia Group
Produced by Erik Norlander
Tracks CD 1 : 1.Arrival 2.Neurosaur 3.Fanfare for absent friends 4.Sky full of stars 5.Astrology prelude 6.Trantor station 7.After the revolution 8.Garden of the moon 9.Dreamcurrents 10.The dark water
CD 2 : 1.Space 1999 2.Sky full of stars (Piano version) 3.Garden of the moon (Long version) 4.The darker water
3 out of 5

So what did I know about Erik Norlander before writing this review? Not much, I knew he´s a keyboard player who has performed with Lana Lane and also is a current member of Asia featuring John Payne. You can call him many things but not lazy, since 1993 the guy has released 5 albums with Rocket Scientists, 7 solo albums, more than a dozen with Lana Lane and the Roswell Six album "Beyond the horizon" in 2009.
This year there will be 2 more releases from Erik Norlander by the name of The Galactic Collective, let´s focus on the first one which is a DVD/2 CD set entitled "Definitive edition". These are new recordings of songs from his career performed by Erik Norlander, Mark Matthews - Bass, Nick LePar - Drums, Freddy DeMarco - Guitar and a few guests like John Payne and Lana Lane.
We´re talking instrumental progressive rock in the same vein as ELP with a touch of Jean Michel Jarre, I just love the moog synthesizer sounds on songs like "Fanfare for absent friends" and "Astrology prelude". We get more than 2 hours of music which might feel a bit too much, the 20 minute long "The dark water" ain´t that exciting. And I know I have heard that melody on "Sky full of stars" before but from where?
The DVD contains interviews with Norlander as well as the band performing all songs in the studio.

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