Wednesday, July 4, 2012

I Call Fives - I Call Fives

I Call Fives - I Call Fives (2012) Pure Noise Records
Produced by Paul Leavitt
Tracks : 1.Late nights 2.Obvious 3.Backup plan 4.The fall guy 5.Stuck in 03 6.Enemy 7.Wrong things 8.Two sides to every story 9.We were right together 10.Regrets and setbacks 11.Sleep well
3 out of 5

I Call Fives is a new band from New Jersey and label mates with The American Scene and Forever Came Calling on Pure Noise Records, earlier this year their debut single "Someone that´s not you" was released and it´s not included on their debut full length. We get 11 original tracks that will put you in a good mood straight away, I Call Fives make upbeat pop punk that is perfect for the powerwalk or why not the next American Pie Soundtrack? This album is filled with short 2-3 minute songs and even one song, "Enemy" which is only 40 seconds long. A solid album that I won´t mind listening to again whenever I want to feel positive vibes around me.

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