Monday, July 9, 2012

Jackdaw4 - Bipolar diversions

Jackdaw4 - Bipolar diversions (2008) 369 Music
Produced by Jackdaw4
Tracks : 1.Sooma 2.Frobisher´s last stand 3.Jesus wants my soul back 4.Bipolar diversions 5.My little gangsta 6.Heimlich´s manoeuvres 7.All around the world 8.Illuminati 9.End of the party 10.Sleep
4 out of 5

It´s time to dig in my pile of unheard albums and here´s most certainly one of England´s best kept secrets in the pop/rock scene. Jackdaw4 released their debut "Gramophone logic" in 2007 and followed up with this brilliant 2nd album "Bipolar diversions" in 2008, their latest record "Eternal struggle for justice" came out in 2010 and they are currently recording their 4th album via PledgeMusic.
If you´re a fan of 70´s pop a la E.L.O, 10cc and Jellyfish, you´re gonna love Jackdaw4 and their harmony vocals. You can of course find traces all the way back to The Beatles and even more modern progressive pop such as Toy Matinee in their sound, this is without doubt an old but fresh album that contains 38 minutes of pop la grandeur!

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