Saturday, July 28, 2012

Jason Masi - Life is wonderful

Jason Masi - Life is wonderful (2012) Independent
Produced by Jason Masi / Mike Jarvis / Daniel Clarke
Tracks : 1.The right kind of things 2.Next to you 3.Don´t know nothin´ 4.The situation 5.That summer 6.Windy road 7.Grain of sand 8.People 9.Miss you around 10.Golden sun 11.Life is wonderful
3 out of 5

You could easily think that an album that takes the listener through a soundscape of jazz, country, folkrock, blues and traditional singer/songwriter style, should be a rather shattered affair. But Jason Masi manages to hold it all together and does it real nice, it´s quite easy to tell that Masi loves his own music because it shines through on tracks like "Don´t know nothin´" and "Life is wonderful". Not to mention the cool "People", he sings really well on this song as well. I did a little complaining about his limited vocal performance on the previous album "Balance and pull" (2010) but Masi knows what vocal range to make the melodies in on the new album and the result feels a lot more relaxing. Just listen to "Grain of sand" or "Next to you" that gets you in the sunday afternoon mood right away. The best track is "The right kind of things" that opens the album, a perfect song to start the show with or as an encore. It gets you up and going in no time.
Good stuff.

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