Monday, July 16, 2012

Lahannya - Shotgun reality

Lahannya - Shotgun reality (2007) Kabuki Records
Produced by Lahannya / Lutz Demmler
Tracks : 1.Beautiful girl 2.Bleed for me 3.Narcotic 4.Doors 5.Wandering 6.Rain 7.Charades 8.Losing yourself 9.Heaven 10.Roundabouts 11.Silent victim 12.Payback
2,5 out of 5

It´s really nice with vacation and lots of time to spend on all those old albums you haven´t listened to yet so today the debut album from London based artist Lahannya is spinning in my stereo. "Shotgun reality" has a nice sound and not so industrial that I expected, it´s more like a warm gothrock album with traces of industrial rock and a slight touch of new wave. Lahannya is not the strongest singer I´ve heard, she has a rather average voice but it works to the music. There could´ve been a little more power to the mix as well but other than that, it´s a good album. I like the dark soundscape of "Narcotic" and the Rush-like "Doors" bring thoughts to their Grace under pressure era. Cool. The track "Charades" takes the listener back to the late 70´s and synthmusic such as Ultravox and Simple Minds.
Also available with Lahannya : Welcome to the underground EP (2008), Defiance (2009), Scavenger (2010), Dystopia (2011).

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