Monday, July 16, 2012

Long Since Forgotten - The theft

Long Since Forgotten - The theft (2007) Evo Recordings
Produced by Kevin Bruchert
Tracks : 1.Hot house 2.Ready or not 3.Large Farva 4.Vegas 5.Mr Rubber burner 6.Memphis 7.Shazbot 8.Waltz 9.Moonlight 10.Amy racecar 11.Octopussy 12.Palindromes 13.You write the music 14.The money 15.The cybernetic ghost
2,5 out of 5

There are lots of bands out there that never makes it, their ambition to get somewhere is the fuel that keeps them going. To play for a few hundred fans in small clubs and release albums that sell a few thousand copies if they´re lucky. The East coast band Long Since Forgotten is such a band, formed in 1999 and released 4 full length albums where "The theft" is the latest one from 2007. The Japan version of this album contains 3 more tracks, when I did a review of their previous album "Standing room only" (2004) at, I gave it 2,5 stars and thought they sounded a bit British like Manic Street Preachers and Travis. Well, I don´t get the same feeling when hearing "The theft". LSF has become more emo on this album but still with the indie rock-feel to it, songs like "Waltz" and "Octopussy" are quite good but there are way too many mediocre tracks too. "Hot house" is another catchy song that bring thoughts to Jimmy Eat World while "You write the music" is the best Japanese bonus track.

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