Monday, July 16, 2012

Lynden - The act of becoming

Lynden - The act of becoming (2007) Independent
Produced by Lynden
Tracks : 1.The war to end all wars 2.Slip from my hand 3.Why 4.Indisguise 5.Breathe 6.Back together 7.The other side 8.Too much 9.All I know 10.Over you 11.Again
3 out of 5

I thought it was just a matter of months before the band Lynden would be signed by a major label when I did the review of their debut album "Pieces Vol.1" (2006) at But just like in many other cases when talented artists vanish into thin air, there would only be 2 releases from this band where "The act of becoming" was their last one. Frontman Coury Palermo decided to go solo and has released 2 EP´s and the full length album "The broken way we love" up to now, but he´s also working on The Fury project with Jennifer Paige and a new single will be out this fall.
We´re talking beautiful pop/rock here where the major part is laid back, Coury is a great singer and I love songs like "Slip from my hand", "Too much" and "All I know" but I thought the first album was a bit stronger.
You get kinda romantic while listening to "The act of becoming", I wonder why no major label artist has picked up the lovely ballad "Again"? It deserves to be on the charts.

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