Thursday, July 12, 2012

Mike Viola - Acousto de perfecto

Mike Viola - Acousto De Perfecto (2012) Lojinx Records
Produced by Mike Viola
Tracks : 1.Secret radio 2.Happy and normal 3.Date night 4.Primary care giver 5.I´m your dog 6.Thing in C 7.El mundo de perfecto 8.Soundtrack of my summer 9.Closet cutter 10.Hair of the dog 11.Tony leather tips
3 out of 5

"Acousta de perfecto" is a collaboration between singer/songwriter Mike Viola and Los Angeles based violinists Eric Summer and Kate Reddish. The album features 6 new songs plus 5 re-interpretations from Viola´s catalogue, including 3 tracks from his latest "Electro de perfecto" album (2011).
Mike Viola is a really cool guy that has written a song called Kiss Alive II and worked with Bleu on the side projects L.E.O and The Major Labels, he has also collaborated with artists like Tim Christensen, Dan Wilson and Ryan Adams. Viola´s songs appeared in films like "Get him to the Greek", "That thing you do" and "Walk hard" and last year he covered Ratt´s "Round and round" on the Guilt by Association Vol.3 compilation. He has released several solo albums as well a few with his band The Candy Butchers.
This acoustic album is quite good but it takes a few spins to get into the music, there are moments when I think his voice is reminiscent of Mark Spiro. The flirt with The Beatles in "Happy and normal" makes me put on a smile but I also dig the new versions of "Soundtrack of my summer", "Closet cutter" and "El mundo de perfecto" from his latest studio album "Electro de perfecto".

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