Saturday, July 28, 2012

Panooc - Session 1 : Re_Generative

Panooc - Session 1:Re_Generative (2012) Independent
Produced by Sean Thornton / Leah Gough-Cooper
Tracks : 1.Outbreak 2.White doves to Florence 3.L to Q to Coney 4.Cross-Moor 5.Some way back home 6.Sunshine state 7.Pink, brown and beige
2 out of 5

I get the most odd review requests sometimes and once in a while I do jump on it and head into a musical world I wouldn´t normally visit, like for example Saxophone player Leah Gough Cooper´s new project Panooc. She released her first jazz-fusion album "Human equivalent" in 2009 and now follows up with the sophomore album "Session 1:Re_Generative" which is more of a jazz/electronica/funk album. Not that far from Miles Davis be-bop/electronica adventures, just listen to "White doves to Florence" that could´ve been penned by Miles Davis before he went away. The funky "Outbreak" is really cool but the Frank Zappa melodies of "Cross-moor" is by far the best track here, lovely groove.
The music gets a little too electronic in tracks like "L to Q to Coney" and "Sunshine state", they are in fact quite annoying. A decent EP anyhow.

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