Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Riversyde - See us now

Riversyde - See us now (2012) Independent
Produced by Joey Arbogast
Tracks : 1.Days go by 2.Cheers 3.Just say so 4.What´s love about 5.Pillow talk 6.Times like these 7.Gravity 8.Begging eyes 9.Calling 10.Wish you were here 11.Knocking on my door 12.Nothing at all 13.Wait 14.See us now 15.Edge 16.Space
2 out of 5

I posted a video recently of Riversyde´s single "Gravity" which I thought was a good song, the band sent me their new album and I have listened to it the entire day at work. First I thought I was listening to unreleased songs by Pearl Jam because the singer Shane Blake is a deadringer for Eddie Vedder, but after a few spins I think they have more in common with more modern post grunge bands like 12 Stones, Default and Puddle of Mudd. However, 16 tracks are way too many and should´ve been reduced to at least 10. I really do like songs like "Edge", "Just say so", "Gravity" and "Calling" but I kinda lose interest halfway through the album which isn´t a good thing. A decent album that could´ve been better in my opinion.

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