Sunday, July 22, 2012

Stockholm - Eyes in the dark

Stockholm - Eyes in the dark (2012) Independent
Produced by Stockholm
Tracks : 1.Don´t stop now 2.Wildfire 3.Goodbye tomorrow 4.Runaway 5.Dream 6.I´m coming home 7.Eyes in the dark 8.The young and free 9.This love 10.Bad by design 11.The end
2 out of 5

They´re called Stockholm but they are hardly from Stockholm, Sweden but instead Orlando, Florida. If you don´t know which sound you should focus on, just make trendy music and hope that someone will dig your songs. That is, if you have a bunch of great songs lined up but Stockholm forgot all about this important fact. To me, they sound like a 2nd division Coldplay/The Killers where I cannot seperate one song from another. They all soundalike and I get bored halfway through the album, mediocre is a word that comes to mind while listening to songs like "Runaway" and "Wildfire". There are a couple of songs that saves this album from sinking totally and they are "Don´t stop now" and "This love", pretty good in fact.
Next time you make a record, try to write songs that aren´t in the same key all the time.

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