Saturday, August 25, 2012

Ben Taylor - Listening

Ben Taylor - Listening (2012) Sun Pedal Recordings
Produced by Ben Taylor / David Saw / Larry Cianca / Ben Thomas
Tracks : 1.Listening 2.Oh brother 3.Not alone 4.Giulia 5.Worlds are made of paper 6.Vespa´s song 7.America 8.Dirty 9.Burning bridges 10.You could be mine 11.Next time around
3 out of 5

Some might think it must be easy to be a child to a celebrity and you get everything served with a silver spoon but imagine all the expectations people have on you, that can be a pretty heavy burden to bear. Ben Taylor is the son of James Taylor and Carly Simon and he´s taking everything real cool, he makes music like a true talent and sings like he was born with that lovely voice. I guess he has nothing more to prove after 4 albums and it´s up to you to start listening to his songs. You can´t put Ben Taylor into a certain category because he choose to show his love for different genres like folk, soul, reggae, country and pop. There are moments when I think of Billy Ocean and other moments when my thoughts go to Seal, my favorite track is the Hall and Oates-like "Oh brother" but I also like the smooth "Not alone" very much. The groovy "Dirty" sounds like MuteMath meets Christina Aguilera, an odd mix I know but it´s true.
"Listening" is a warm record.

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