Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Certain People I Know - Certain People I Know

Certain People I Know - Certain People I Know (2012) Count Your Lucky Stars Records
Produced by Certain People I Know
Tracks : 1.Neverlasting 2.Our lady of Guadalupe 3.Strongsuit 4.All you gotta do is show 5.NYE 6.King of shots 7.Rowdy - Pivotal 8.Make it up 9.How was the show
3 out of 5

The self titled album from Chicago based Certain People I Know might be a debut album but they´re hardly newcomers in the music business, frontman Robert Nanna and drummer Damon Atkinson played together in Hey Mercedes that released a couple of albums on Vagrant Records between 2001-2003. Nanna shares the lead vocal duties with Lauren LoPiccolo on this new album that is not entirely a 100% emo record, you will find traces of indie rock and punk in their sound as well. Imagine Gatsby´s American Dream meets Copeland on a picnic with Saves The Day and you´ll get Certain People I Know, anyhow, it´s a solid album where my faves are "Strongsuit" and "King of shots".

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