Thursday, August 30, 2012

I Am War - Outlive you all

I Am War - Outlive you all (2012) Razor and Tie Records
Produced by Mike Kenney
Tracks : 1.Don´t worship assholes 2.Hold this sword with your face 3.Call me slugger 4.Uninvite me to your facebook party 5.The poisoning 6.Plug me in 7.Bat out of hell 8.Hunting me 9.Chipped shoulders and heart attack 10.I don´t know anything 11.A nightmare 12.Lead by liars 13.My love affair with disaster 14.Nihilistic motivation 15.Feel the same
3 out of 5

Atreyu frontman Alex Varkatzas started planning this album while on tour with Atreyu, he wanted to make an old school super aggressive hardcore/metal album with no singing and only screamo. So he got in touch with Bleeding Through guitarist Brandan Schieppati and they collaborated on what would become I Am War´s debut album "Outlive you all". Don´t bother to wait for melodic choruses or slow and heavy rock songs here, the music on "Outlive you all" is fast, raw and angry. The listener gets his share of double kick drums and razorsharp guitar attacks. In fact, you can sense a bit of black metal and punk in the sound as well. The album contains 15 songs but they´re all around 2 minutes long so after 30 minutes, you get back to the first track again. Songs like "Call me slugger" and "The poisoning" gets me going for sure, and I do like the title of "Uninvite me to your facebook party". I am pretty certain this won´t be an one album band, I Am War has a void to fill. There is too much pop on the charts these days.

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