Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Jackdaw4 - The eternal struggle for justice

Jackdaw4 - The eternal struggle for justice (2010) Too Many Robots Music
Produced by Willie Dowling
Tracks : 1.The eternal struggle for justice 2.Everyone becomes the road they take 3.Wire to the wire 4.Sold it all 5.Waiting to die 6.Someone who cares 7.Wonderful 8.Pornography 9.The great unknown 10.Baby I´m a killer
3,5 out of 5

Jackdaw4´s latest CD "The eternal struggle for justice" dropped in my mail this week and I´m glad I finally got to hear it, this is such a talented band led by Willlie Dowling on vocals/guitar/keyboards and also the main composer. Excellent harmony vocals and a top notch production that feels both rich and warm at the same time. The opening track which is the title track, sets the standard right away with 70´s artrock in the same vein as Godley/Creme. The 2nd track "Everyone becomes the road they take" sounds like Paul Carrack in a 60´s Motown mood, bright pop on the menu here. "Someone who cares" and "Wonderful" will please all fans of Jellyfish, the band saves the best for last with the great songs "Pornography" that sounds like a mix between Mott The Hoople and Queen plus the amazing "The great unknown". 10cc would´ve been proud to have written a song like that one.

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