Tuesday, August 14, 2012

M.I.C - On all 4´s

M.I.C - On all 4´s (2012) Independent
Produced by Yvon Serre
Tracks : 1.Can´t take anymore 2.Chemicals 3.Happy days 4.Milley 5.Cookin´ 6.Anything 7.Long long way 8.Dancing with the light 9.You tonight 10.Pressure 11.Reunite
3 out of 5

The Canadian band M.I.C, led by singer/guitarist Yvon Serre, has spent a few successful years in China but are now back in Canada. I have reviewed all of their albums over at melodic.net and thought the music´s been more of a roller coaster ride but I´m pleased to say their new album "On all 4´s" is pretty good. We´re talking party time classic rock with traces of 80´s AOR, the opening track "Can´t take anymore" bring thoughts to AOR band Autograph while the groovy "Chemicals" can be described as The Tubes meets Max Webster. A cool song, I like it. One of my favorite tracks is "Anything" that sounds like 70´s Kiss, the Ace Frehley style. Nice. Songs like "Milley", "Long long way" and "Dancing with the light" could´ve been unreleased tracks with Eddie Money. They are already working on their 5th album, busy band indeed!

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