Saturday, August 11, 2012

Rachel Farris - Above The Rug

Rachel Farris - Above the rug (2012) Independent
Produced by Rachel Farris / Ric Web
Tracks : 1.Sweetest thing 2.IMA lady 3.Stick your tongue in my mouth 4.Never mind 5.Don´t listen to me 6.Seventeen 7.Could I be your angel 8.He´s so into her 9.Need a change 10.Empty
3,5 out of 5

You look at the album cover of "Above the rug" and then read that Rachel Farris is living in Nashville, then you might think that this is a country pop album and that´s where you´re wrong. Oh, it´s a pop album without doubt but this is a more of a charming pop/rock album with plenty of upbeat songs. "Above the rug" reminds more of her debut album "Soak" (2003) than the previous "Fairytale" (2008) that had a few more ballads. The two songs "Seventeen" and "Need a change" gets a new chance on "Above the rug", both tracks were also on "Fairytale". Good songs. But I prefer to listen to the new material like the irresistable "Sweetest thing" that sounds like a cousin to her first hit "I´m not the girl", two other songs that I enjoy very much are "Don´t listen to me" and "Could I be your angel" that can be described as Natalie Imbruglia meets Sixpence None The Richer. But the best track is the super cool "Stick your tongue in my mouth" which more or less is a flirt with the 80´s new wave band Missing Persons.
Great work!

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