Monday, August 6, 2012

Sieges Even - Paramount

Sieges Even - Paramount (2007) Inside Out Music
Produced by Sieges Even / Kristian Kohlmannslehner
Tracks : 1.When Alpha and Omega collide 2.Tidal 3.Wide eyes open 4.Iconic 5.Where our shadows sleep 6.Duende 7.Bridge to the divine 8.Leftovers 9.Mountain castles in the blood red sky 10.Paramount
3 out of 5

It has taken too long for me to listen to German progrock band Sieges Even last studio album "Paramount" from 2007, I was a big fan of their 2005 album "The art of navigating by the stars" but somehow forgot to check out this album. I have no good explanation either.
The band also released the live album "Playgrounds" in 2008 before they parted ways, the Holzwarth brothers went on to form Brutal Godz and the remaining members formed Subsignal.
You can of course count on quality when it comes to their dynamic prog sound, the songs are filled with nuances and they are really super melodic too. But only a few tracks lift the album such as "Tidal", "Wide eyes open" and "Bridge to the divine", I think the previous album is stronger but I don´t regret listening to "Paramount" because this is good stuff.

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