Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The American Scene - Safe for now

The American Scene - Safe for now (2012) Pure Noise Records
Produced by Sam Pura / The American Scene
Tracks : 1.Just say it 2.Blood orange 3.Hungry hands 4.When you´re undone 5.Fifth and Natoma 6.Shape shifter 7.The view from here 8.Untitled 9.Used to you 10.Safe for now
3 out of 5

Berkeley, California is the home for The American Scene that debuted with the full length album "By way of introduction" in 2011, they deliver a cool mix of indie rock, punk and emo. And this summer, we welcome their new album "Safe for now" that contains 10 midtempo songs of the same style as the debut. For fans of Saves The Day, Further Seems Forever and Alkaline Trio. I like their warm sound with the crispy guitars and fat bass, this is a good album with no fillers where I´m especially weak for "Fifth and Natoma". You can catch them on tour with Daybreaker this summer.

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