Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Box Social - Get going

The Box Social - Get going (2007) No Karma Records
Produced by Dave Rieley
Tracks : 1.Ginger Ale 2.Easy does it 3.Big T 4.Coming around 5.Why oh why 6.Galoshes 7.KCMO 8.Hot damn 9.Pay attention 10.A new low 11.Happy little mistake
2 out of 5

Wisconsin, USA is the home for The Box Social, a band that released the "Blown to bits" EP in 2005 and the full length album "Get going" in 2007 before they split up in 2008. We´re talking alternative rock with traces of powerpop and punk here, it´s a decent album with a few fillers but I do enjoy the punk-ish song "Coming around". If you think a mix of The Format, Saves The Day and Over It sounds interesting, then you should check out The Box Social. They´re a bit average to me though but I they´ve got a great production.

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