Friday, August 31, 2012

The Burning of Rome - With us

The Burning of Rome - With us (2012) Surfdog Records
Produced by Adam Traub / Tom Biller
Tracks : 1.Ballad of an onion sprout 2.Little piranhas 3.Cowboys and cut cigars 4.Norman Bates 5.Wake up Edamame 6.Island 7.Why can´t I stop killing my friends 8.Audrey II 9.Opus for sleepwalking 10.The universe is made of nonsense
3,5 out of 5

Singer Adam Traub started his career in the punkrock band Nobody´s Hero that was signed to Arista Records, but playing punk wasn´t enough for Traub that had a vision of bringing out the influences from 60´s pop, psychedelic 70´s rock and punk. The result of his new band The Burning of Rome can be described as artsy bubblegum pop, the new album "With us" sounds like a clash between Pink Floyd´s The Wall, Danny Elfman´s soundtrack to Charlie and The Chocolate Factory and Bowie´s Ziggy Stardust. You have not heard anything like this before, I can tell you. They were voted the best alternative act at San Diego Music Awards this year so keep an eye on this band further on. "With us" is such an entertaining album that grows for each spin, the supercool "Island" is a personal fave of mine. But ask me again next week and I´ll probably have a new favorite track.

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