Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Third Ending - The Third Ending

The Third Ending - The Third Ending (2007) Progrock Records
Produced by The Third Ending
Tracks : 1.Eleven 2.Back home 3.Tungsten blues 4.Can you hear me? 5.Fingerprints Suite A.Fingerprints B.Digital sunrise C.Cold light of day D.Falling E.Part V F.Coming around G.Fingerprints Reprise
3 out of 5

The Third Ending is a progrock quartet from Australia, formed in 2002 and released their self titled debut in 2007. They´re influenced by Porcupine Tree and Spocks Beard, the album is solid where tracks like "Eleven" and the instrumental "Tungsten blues" stand out. The 28 minute suite "Fingerprints" is a bit uneven but the last two parts are excellent, you can also check out 6 new songs that the band has released every month this year between March-August on
I´m not really an expert when it comes to progrock from down under, Unitopia is a great band but then again, that´s pretty much everything I´ve heard in this genre from the Kangaroo land.

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