Saturday, September 22, 2012

Dead Cowboy´s Sluts - The hand of death

Dead Cowboy´s Slut - The hand of death (2012) M & O Music
Produced by Dead Cowboys Sluts
Tracks : 1.B.T.K 2.Asylum breakout 3.I will hunt you down 4.Lusk 5.Must be broken 6.Criminal 7.Purify by fire 8.This hate 9.Gates of perdition 10.Skull crusher 11.Life, death, and it´s painful intervening period 12.The hand of death Part 1 13.The hand of death Part 2 14.Backdraft
2,5 out of 5

I wasn´t too much of a fan of 90´s metal like Pantera, Prong and Sepultura when it came and blew wimpy 80´s metal away, but I have come to enjoy this genre today mostly because I got to love numetal and hardcore. Once you start to dig screamo and growls, it´s only a matter of time before you start soaking in death metal and thrash metal. The French metal act Dead Cowboy´s Sluts might not compete with Pantera but they sure put on a fight with some serious guitar shredding from their 2 guitarists LeClerc Mathieu and Plathey Pierre. We´re talking machine gun riffs in the same cascades as the Germans defending Omaha Beach on D-Day. Their debut album "The hand of death" has it´s moments and if you´re looking for some hard ass headbanging music, look no further. A decent piece of work.

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