Thursday, September 6, 2012

Pride of Lions - Immortal

Pride of Lions - Immortal (2012) Frontiers Records
Produced by Jim Peterik / Larry Millas
Tracks : 1.Immortal 2.Delusional 3.Tie down the wind 4.Shine on 5.Everything that money can´t buy 6.Coin of the realm 7.Sending my love 8.Vital signs 9.If it doesn´t kill me 10.Are you the same girl 11.Ask me yesterday
3,5 out of 5

There can be no doubts that Jim Peterik was the main songwriter in SurvĂ­vor, he is such a creative musician and has a high low level when it comes to writing melodic rock. "Immortal" is the 4th album from Pride of Lions and the first one since "The roaring of dreams" in 2007, although Jim hasn´t exactly been lazy during these years because he and Jimi Jamison released the mighty fine "Crossroads moments" in 2009. How many new Survivor albums can you count in the last decade? Well, Frankie Sullivan and Co released the mediocre "Reach" in 2006 and then silence. Pride of Lions singer Toby Hitchcock also showed the fans he could stand on his own feet with the strong solo album "Mercury´s down" in 2011, I love that album.
I think the new POL album "Immortal" opens a bit safe with 4 ok songs but then things start to happen with the great ballad "Everything that money can´t buy" and the rest of the album is high quality AOR. Just listen to the pompous "Coin of the realm" which is marvelous or the Journey-esque "Sending my love", that chorus is a wetdream for AOR fans. And what about "Vital signs" that Peterik wrote for the Survivor album "Vital signs" (1984) but it wasn´t completed until now, the song is a killer! The vocals from Hitchcock is faultless and I´m glad to see drummer Kelly Keagy´s name on several tracks. Thumbs up!

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