Friday, September 21, 2012

Sick / Sea - Moral compass

Sick / Sea - Moral compass (2012) Autumn and Colour Records
Produced by Sick / Sea
Tracks : 1.Parasite 2.Robot 3.Master splinter 4.Mermaid 5.Blinked
3,5 out of 5

Texas based Sick / Sea was founded by the siblings Cameron and Audrey Scott, they released their first EP in 2011 called "Oh ship" and in October their follow up "Moral compass" comes out. Drummer Cameron and singer Audrey are influenced by bands like Daphne Loves Derby, Copeland and Eisley. You can also throw in a dose of The Cardigans into the mix and we´re close to the sound of "Moral compass", the new EP contains 5 really good dreamlike rock songs where "Robot" and "Master splinter" stand out. The band also features a third member but I can´t find any info of who he is, anyhow I won´t be too surprised if we get to hear the music of Sick / Sea in upcoming movies. I like ´em!

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