Thursday, October 18, 2012

Blynd - Punishment unfolds

Blynd - Punishment Unfolds (2012) Pitch Black Records
Produced by Blynd
Tracks : 1.Divine gathering 2.Arrival of the gods 3.As punishment unfolds 4.Never for the fallen 5.The chosen few 6.Convicted in the devil´s land 7.Sins to the cross 8.The final resistance 9.Divine conspiracy 10.Infinity race
3 out of 5

The Cyprus based metal band Blynd formed in 2003 and released their debut album "The enemy" in 2010, they have taken influences from both thrash metal and death metal. Their 2nd album "Punishment unfolds" will be out in November and it´s quite good, especially the blistering guitar riffs appeal to me. The band sounds tight and when they pull off some serious Megadeth-like riffs in "As punishment unfolds", I totally surrender. That song rocks. Blynd even gets a bit progressive in "The chosen few" which is another highlight on the new album. A few parts bring thoughts to Opeth but not the entire song. "Sins to the cross" is more of a classic thrash metal song with a really strong chorus, if you want a huge dose of growls and fast hard hitting metal. Blynd is for you.

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