Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Crown The Empire - Limitless

Crown The Empire - Limitless (2011) Independent
Produced by Crown The Empire
Tracks : 1.The glass elevator 2.Breaking point 3.Wake me up 4.Johnny Ringo 5.Voices 6.Limitless 7.Lead me out of the dark
4 out of 5

I found out about the Dallas based hardcore band Crown The Empire at interpunk.com and their upcoming release "The Fallout" that comes out in November on Rise Records. Then I checked out their latest single "Johnny Ringo" from the debut EP "Limitless" on youtube and what a superb song it is, we´re talking electro emocore here like a macho version of My Chemical Romance with synthesizers. Crown The Empire is just as artsy as MCR but a helluva lot heavier, "Breaking point" contains such a big chorus and the title track "Limitless" features a guest performance from Dennis Shaforostov of Make Me Famous. I can´t wait to hear their debut full length this fall, this band´s got potential!

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