Thursday, October 11, 2012

In Fear And Faith - In Fear And Faith

In Fear And Faith - In Fear And Faith (2012) Rise Records
Produced by In Fear And Faith
Tracks : 1.Intro 2.The calm before reform 3.A silent drum 4.Look what you made me do 5.Soul survivor 6.A creeping dose 7.It all comes out 8.Enigmatic 9.Dream catcher 10.You had your chance 11.Last man stranded 12.Self fulfilling prophecy
4 out of 5

When San Diego based post hardcore band In Fear And Faith released the "Symphonies" album with orchestral renditions of their songs, they must have been truly inspired to record the new self titled album with more orchestral pieces. Their new album has a bombastic sound with explosive riffs, super melodic choruses and thoughtful piano parts. The band is touring with Alesana this fall so you´d better catch a date if you´re in the states because this album is a killer, truly one of the best post hardcore albums of 2012. The opening track "The calm before reform" sets the high standard right away and don´t bother looking for fillers because IFAF only recorded songs with memorable hooks on this album, there are plenty of highlights but my personal faves are "A silent drum", "It all comes out" and "Self fulfilling prophecy".

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