Sunday, October 28, 2012

Jimi Jamison - Never too late

Jimi Jamison - Never too late (2012) Frontiers Records
Produced by Erik MÃ¥rtensson
Tracks : 1.Everybody´s got a broken heart 2.The great unknown 3.Never too late 4.I can´t turn back 5.Street survivor 6.The air I breathe 7.Not tonight 8.Calling the game 9.Bullet in the gun 10.Heaven call your name 11.Walk on
3 out of 5

Jimi Jamison´s been in and out of Survivor ever since his debut with the band in 1984, and last year of 2011 he returned once again but there´s no new Survivor record in sight so we´ll just have to settle with his solo projects. But those on the other hand are like roller coaster rides with up´s and down´s like the previous Kimball/Jamison album from 2011 that was truly an uneven affair. The one before that one with Jim Peterik called "Crossroads moment" (2008) was a lot better and closer to the classic AOR sound of Survivor, 61 year old Jimi Jamison is still going strong and releases his 5th solo album "Never too late" this fall. This time it´s a collaboration with songwriter/producer/guitarist Erik MÃ¥rtensson of Eclipse and it´s Jimi´s most rocking album since his days in Cobra, if you´ll ask Jimi about the highlights of his career he probably would say "Burning heart" from Rocky IV, the Baywatch theme and the time in 1989 when he was asked to join Deep Purple to replace Ian Gillan but Joe Lynn Turner got the job instead. However, I´ve got a gut feeling he would also add "Never too late" to that list because it´s a solid AOR album in that typical Survivor sound. Songs like "Heaven call your name", "Everybody´s got a broken heart" and "Street survivor" are really good but there are some average songs as well such as "Calling the game", "Not tonight" and "Bullet in the gun".
I´m fine with this but if you compare it to let´s say, "Vital signs", the new album feels small.

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