Sunday, October 14, 2012

Kiss - Monster

Kiss - Monster (2012) Universal Music Group
Produced by Paul Stanley
Tracks : 1.Hell or hallelujah 2.Wall of sound 3.Freak 4.Back to the stone age 5.Shout mercy 6.Long way down 7.Eat your heart out 8.The devil is me 9.Outta this world 10.All for the love of rocknroll 11.Take me down below 12.Last chance
5 out of 5

The 20th studio album from Kiss has the suitable title Monster because it´s nothing but a monster, however I reckon Stanley and Simmons had that in mind. It´s the 2nd album to feature the new line up with Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer, the previous album "Sonic boom" was a step back to the classic sound of the early 80´s but the new album takes the band all the way back to the late 70´s when they released legendary albums like "Love Gun" and "Rock and roll over".  There are no keyboards and no outside songwriters involved, just the band behind the writing and playing just like it was back in the early days with Criss and Frehley. It´s great to hear that Simmons deliver some really good hard rock songs and he describes the new album as a clash between Destroyer and Revenge which is really close to how Monster sounds like. Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer also gets a chance to shine with vocal performances on "Outta this world" and "All for the love of rocknroll", I do think "Outta this world" has some Frehley-vibes over it. Paul Stanley is the king here, the opening track "Hell or Hallelujah" is already a fan fave but the new single "Long way down" belong on every Kiss Best of compilation from now on. I la-la-la-love it! Don´t forget to check out iTunes bonus track "Right here Right now" if you want more than 12 songs. And what about ballads? What´s it called? Ballads? Nah, not if you want to rock and roll all nite and party every day!

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